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Comment: Re:LOL ... powering down ... (Score 1) 30

by khr (#48878931) Attached to: Fujitsu Psychology Tool Profiles Users At Risk of Cyberattacks

Animated dinosaur cursors?

Don't knock animated dinosaur cursors... I used to work for a company in the 90's, PC-Kwik, that sold a package of cursors, including dinosaur ones. Granted, it wasn't our main product, just something for the sales people to upsell for a few dollars more once they had customers on the phone.

Comment: Caught in it... (Score 1) 200

by khr (#47963705) Attached to: Hundreds of Thousands Turn Out For People's Climate March In New York City

Yikes! We ran into that by accident yesterday... The terminal point of the march was right by the north-most exit from the High Line park at 34th Street that just opened yesterday, too, which I wanted to check out.

It was insane! And we had to walk a few blocks opposite the direction of the march to get home... I thought we'd get trampled before we found a cross street (41st Street) that wasn't so jam packed we could get off the main route.

Being short, I didn't get many good photos from it as most of them are of peoples' backs that I couldn't see over.

Comment: Re:So, he's a crappy programmer... (Score 1) 165

by khr (#47920301) Attached to: Developing the First Law of Robotics

This is certainly not news for nerds. But seems it is news for non-nerds

Well, it gets a bit nerdier if you figure this is much like Wesley Crusher's psych test to get into Star Fleet Academy... He had to go into a room with two "victims" and rescue one so they could make sure he wouldn't freeze and fail to rescue anyone.

And that is "stuff that matter"

Well, that's a bit harder to argue with...

"The algorithm to do that is extremely nasty. You might want to mug someone with it." -- M. Devine, Computer Science 340