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Comment Re:What are... (Score 1) 273

1 Liter of any drinkable liquid weighs 1 kilogram. That's easy. How much pounds is that? And why the difference between liquid ounces and weigh ounces? Catastrophic!

Catastrophic is a bit of an overstatement... It's easy, an ounce of any drinkable liquid weighs an ounce... (for the same variations as your silly 1 liter weighs 1 kilogram things...)

Comment Ears Changed (Score 1) 361

In my teens and twenties I listened to a pretty diverse selection of music, just not much that was too popular, and not very loud. I mean, as a teenager still living in my parents' house my father would play on the computer in my bedroom and comment how he couldn't hear the music I as playing (which half the time was Venom or Slayer, that he hated anyway...)

But then in my thirties I lived in urban India, where the noise from outside my apartment was usually louder than I liked music, people yelling, maids sweeping the ground, cars honking, trucks revving engines, jackhammers, feral dogs barking, the fucking watchmen blowing whistles to call rickshaws up the street, and all that. And that's hurt my ears, so they're always ringing and now I can't hear a lot of subtleties in music unless it's played loud enough for the loud parts to cause pain. So I got to where I could only listen to rock music that didn't have too much range to the sound.

I only recently got a pair of good headphones and I'm rediscovering some parts of music again. Although a lot of the quieter bits are lost when I listen on the subway going home from work.

Comment Nearly 2 Million Lines of Code (Score 1) 160

uses nearly two million lines of computer code .... The system almost doubles the number of flights that can be tracked and displayed to controllers

Nearly two million lines, and almost double the capacity... If they bumped it up to an even two million I wonder if they could've completely doubled the number of the flights that could be tracked.

And what if they expanded it to four million lines of code, could they have quadrupled the number of flights that could be tracked?

And what if they made the code self-replicating? Could they have support an infinite number of flights?

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