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Comment Re: Netflix? Try the studios instead (Score 3, Interesting) 106

There is no reason that Netflix can't sell their services in other markets

Except the part where Netflix didn't want to pay for global distribution rights (and do the necessary localization such as subtitles, for every regions they sell to) from the studios?

If Netflix bought and paid for only US distribution rights, and then take subscriptions around the world and stream the movie worldwide, then the studios would have a hard time finding distributors in, say, Asia. Who are willing to invest in the effort to do the localization and when a portion of the market had already seen the movie directly from US Netflix?

Why else would the studios bother to pressure Netflix, which is basically their reseller?

If, instead, we are talking about Nike shoes, and the US distributor take direct orders from, say, Japan, then that distributor would be getting pressure from Nike pretty soon to stop. Same thing.

Comment Re:Interview "Grilling" or "Testing" is Poppycock (Score 1) 227

I can state with absolute certainty that the average Google engineer would be a star virtually anywhere else in the industry.

So, Google manages to get a whole bunch of star programmers together and churn out... absolute shit?

Look at the product offerings from Google since Gmail and Google Maps, how many of those people actually want to use? Google Wave? Google+?

This just proves GP's point. Even if Google's process actually get them a whole team of geniuses (however you define the term), then they churn out stuffs that only similar geniuses would like to use.

Developers who don't develop programs *for* the users (i.e. able to see what works from users' standpoint) is worth less than one who could, even if they are a "star" however you define that.

Comment Re:Only drones? (Score 1) 151

Just in case they damage other people's property, the following things will also be required to have insurance and little license plates: RC aircraft/cars, baseballs, tennis balls, frisbees, nerf darts, shuttlecocks, boomerangs, bullets, your child's bike, and your child.

If, one day, these weight >2kg and can be *flown* and controlled over 100ft away, it would make sense to require insurance and license plates. As of now, the source of these things can be located pretty easily, and they (except bullets, unless it was thrown and not shot from a gun) did weight much and thus didn't cause much damage (compared to a drone).

Say, if you child's bike can fly and can drop and break someone's roof 100ft away from your and your child, you bet it would require a license.

Comment Re:Regions and business strategy (Score 1) 249

The problem with this model is that Americans know that if the company is selling it cheaper elsewhere they're still definitely making a profit there, and price discrimination based on geography is bullshit.

The problem is the other way round. Often the movie selection of Netflix in many countries (e.g. Asia) are much more limited than in the US (like lagging by years rather than months), so people in those countries use VPN to stream from US Netflix, despite possibly paying more than a local Netflix subscription (many countries in Asia do have a sizable middle class willing to pay for good content).

This arrangement is actually *more profitable* for Netflix, since they only pay once for US-only licensing for the content, and then get US price from worldwide customers! But the content providers loses out in licensing for other countries, and encourages Netflix to keep the movie collections in other countries limited (both cheaper licensing and encourage people to VPN to US instead of use the local Netflix).

Comment Re:The herd's moving (Score 1) 508

If you take a former playmate's advice on vaccinations, maybe the herd could do without you.

Well, HPV is sexually transmitted, so the vaccine makes sex safer, thus encouraging people to have sex. So her expertise may be relevant. But, seriously, some people actually oppose this vaccine because they think it encourages teenagers to be more promiscuous.

Are those same people who oppose using seat-belts and air-bags because it makes you less likely to die from a car crash, and thought it would encourages drivers to crash more? Same with using helmets on motorcycles?

Perhaps those same people would oppose to the use of any protective gears in general because it makes you less likely to be hurt and thus encourage more reckless behavior?

Comment Panasonic rediscovered the jukebox? (Score 1, Insightful) 56

There were plenty of these jukeboxes storage systems with CD-R in use even before 2000, and I am sure tapes with automatic tape-loader were in use for even longer before then.

So Panasonic now just re-discovered the jukebox? And that is supposed to be news? What's next? They found that they can also make duplicate disks to send one to offsite storage?

Comment Re:Expiration (Score 1) 420

At least here in the USA, Disney pays Congress to move that date farther into the future whenever the Mouse starts nearing his expiration date... with the side effect that no other copyrighted works ever expire either, regardless of what their copyrights' theoretical expiration dates are at any given time.

Yes, the easiest way to explain to anyone about copyrights expiring into public domain, is to tell them the copyright of anything written after Mickey Mouse would never expire. Anything before that, you may need to check.

Comment What's the correct answer for human driver? (Score 5, Insightful) 235

if your car has to choose between a maneuver that kills you and one that kills other people, which one should it be programmed to do?

How about you tell us what should a HUMAN driver choose in a similar situation first, before you ask what should a computer do?

These kind of stupid questions are well, stupid. And they come up often simply because there is no real valid worry about autonomous cars. Humans make lots of mistakes and having a computer drive would remove a whole range of avoidable accidents. Worrying about a few boundary cases is as stupid as all the "what if my car is burning and I need to get out quickly?!" objections to wearing seat belts. It is unfounded fear that is not based on facts.

Comment Re:Misleading headline (Score 2) 77

If the datacenter was "not too noisy after all" then nobody would have complained/protested.

For some people any perceptible change in noise it too much noise.

Worse, for some people with hidden agenda, even imperceptible noise is too much noise.

It wouldn't be hard for budding politician to make an issue out of nothing and come out "for the neighborhood" as a knight in shining armor driving away a "noisy datacenter", and then appearing for the next election nearby. These things happen all the time where ever there are local elections.

Comment Re:No, No, No, No..... This will not work (Score 1) 120

Power transfer may be possible, but the amount of losses means it will never be practical unless you have HUGE amounts of power to waste.

Waste itself is not the biggest problem, if you are rich enough, waste becomes unimportant.

*Unintended absorption* will be the killer. Whatever means you use to send energy, "wasting" 90% means 90% of the energy would be absorbed by *something else*.

Probably something that is near the phone you want to charge, such as your body. Tinfoil hat should be provided to all customers.

Comment Re:Back in July - of 2013! (Score 1) 928

You know what? Guys insult each other. It's how we communicate, it's how we bond.

NO. I am a man and I do NOT insult other men to "bond". I act professionally (i.e. talk calmly and without any insults) when I deal with people, especially in a work environment. The only possible time I might use insults is when dealing with childish adults who don't know how to behave like an adult, even then, I cannot recall the last time that happened.

I might talk trash and throw harmless insults to my friends, *after* we became friends. I don't talk trash and insult people to make them my friends.

YOU and those you "bond" with might use insults to do that, but please don't generalize your unprofessional behavior to other men.

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