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Comment: DAT tapes made with the Atari TT (Score 1) 498

by kge (#34671662) Attached to: What's the Oldest File You Can Restore?

I bought a DAT tape drive and a handful of tapes on a radio-amateur swapmeet.
At home I hooked the DAT drive up to the TT's SCSI chain and fired the TT up.
The DAT drive was recognized and I made a backup of the old Quantum 80 MB 5 1/4 inch SCSI drive (my TT sits in a big tower).
When the backup was completed (and verified) I switched the TT off and it went literally with a bang and an awful rattling noise.
After examination the Quantum drive's top lid showed a strange circular pattern as if something had been punching out from the inside.
When I removed the lid I saw one of the heads had become separated from the arm and had been 'rolling' between the top platter and the lid.
Needless to say this drive was shot.. I replaced the 5 1/4 drive with a 'more modern' DEC RZ28 2GB SCSI drive (these must have cost a fortune back then)
and restored everything from the DAT tape I had made before... That was ten years ago.. The files on the TT are from the late eighties.
The tapes are still readable. The TT is still working, I switch it on once a year :-)

Comment: Moving to other software (Score 2, Insightful) 460

by kge (#32792822) Attached to: Local Newspapers Use F/OSS For a Day

When we moved at our office from one ERP system (novell based) to another (SCO unix based ha!) we too cursed and yelled at it first. After using the program for a year we got the hang of it. Some years ago the system was moved to (Suse) Linux (at my advisal) and now we would not know what to do without it.
When I decided to go from the Atari ST to PC in 1994 I had the choice of Windows, OS2 and something called Linux.. I switched to Linux and have not regretted it. Now at the office we run some Windows only stuff on Windows Xp in Virtualbox instead of native, almost all computers are converted to Linux. No one complains about lack of features. Open office does the job nicely, Firefox is standard issue and Thunderbird is our mailclient of choice.
You can not expect people to switch systems in a day without hiccups but people will adapt.

Comment: Re:Compute's! Gazette (Score 1) 327

by kge (#32583314) Attached to: Modern Day Equivalent of Byte/Compute! Magazine?

Hehe... I did the same on the ZX81 :-)
Bought a book about programming the Z80...
Still, after getting the hang of it, it was great fun.
I still do some hardcore assembly stuff on microcontrollers when sdcc is too slow or elaborate (like interrupt routines optimized for speed)

BTW, 'Elektor' is rather nice for electronics and microcontroller stuff although it is quite commercial.

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