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Comment Re:subcrtical won't always stay that way (Score 1) 937

Do you know how many people died because of fires and rear end collisions in the pinto ..

Twenty seven. ( The same number that is attributed to a transmission defect in the same range of cars )

The reason there is a story , is because Mr. Nader needed an issue to sell his book.

Go research the issue for yourself before you go on spouting conjecture.

Comment Re:"How can we discover 'the new' in an age when (Score 1) 266

Well... likely your shortest route is indeed the shortest road miles ( with number of turns used to break ties )

In one of then grid like residential areas .. going 10 blocks east , and then 10 blocks north , is better then 1 block north , one block east , repete 10 times. Because there is no option to go 10 blocks north east.

Comment Re:"How can we discover 'the new' in an age when (Score 1) 266

or use google maps ... that is an aggregate of the data available for the area. DOT alerts .. traffic sensors .. and just about any other info that can be had for a specific road.

Heck .. I use it a lot for navigating the NYC subway system. And it is so accurate there it is insane. it is VERY rare that I am not stepping on a train within a minute or two of when google predicts that one should be there.

driving is almost always within 5 or 10 minutes per hour of driving time. And the error is often on the side of caution ( assumes 55 on a 55 road , not 65 or 70 which is closer to normal )

Comment Re:Bad Idea (Score 1) 696

a guided free market

Seriously .. you owe me a keyboard. I had to replace mine because you caused coffee to go flying all over mine.

Where the fuck did you come up with this ? Is this REALLY a economics term? Sorta like a "Free Slave" .. OH wait .. I just came with a new name for 'intelligent design' ... We can call it .. "Guided Evolution"

The Courts

Company Claims Ownership of Digital Messaging 325

An anonymous reader writes "Kootol, yet another patent troll, is going after everyone who makes messaging software for violating their soon-to-be-granted patent, which claims they invented one- and two-way messaging in 2005. From the article: 'Kootol, founded in 2010, says it has a patent license agreement with Yogesh Rathod for control of U.S. Patent Application 11/995,343. Rathod, in fact, is a co-founder of Kootol with his brother Vijay Rathod. According to Kootol, the patent application “covers core messaging, publication and real time searching technology.” Interestingly, the patent in question hasn’t actually been awarded to Kootol or Rathod yet. Rather, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued “A Notice of Allowance.” That’s the term for when the USPTO says that an applicant is entitled to a patent under the law, but must pay an issue fee (and potentially publication fee) first, within three months.'"

Book Review: Software Build Systems 29

MassDosage writes "Software Build Systems by Peter Smith is a well written, albeit rather lengthy book that covers the intricacies of systems used to build software. It tries to do this in a technology-neutral manner where possible but covers existing tools like Ant, Make and Scons as a means of illustrating the various concepts covered instead of just focusing on theory. The real world examples illustrate building Java, C/C++, C# and Python software and cover scaling up from small builds with tens of source files up to massive builds with tens of thousands. All of the technologies used are introduced in some depth which newcomers should find useful but experienced build developers may want to skim over." Read below for the rest of MassDosage's review.

Comment Re:This dude is an idiot. See quotes below. (Score 1) 758

Where does he say he wont hire someone with varied experience that included .net ??

Did we read the same article ?? All he does is say that .net experience causes him to ask "WHY" ..

A quick quote from the article

Now let me clarify — .NET is a dandy language. It’s modern, it’s fancy, it’s got all the bells and whistles. And if you’re doing Windows Mobile 7 apps (which the stats suggest you aren’t), it’s your only choice. But choosing .NET is a choice, and whenever anybody does it, I can’t help but ask “why?”

And right at the end .. as a summary

So what’s the moral of this whole story? Two things:

If you ever want to work in a startup, avoid .NET. It does you no favors.
If you are a startup looking to hire really excellent people, take notice of .NET on a resume, and ask why it’s there.

That is all .. he is saying to ask the question. It is the answers to that question that he is concerned with.

If you answer "Cause .net is da shit .. it does everything for me" .. you dont get hired ..

If you answer "Cause the problem we needed to solve was best handled by .net" then you may get hired.

Comment Re:It's the Analogy, Stupid... (Score 1) 127

Yea ..Ok .. I understand what you are saying , However Its still not making sense as to why you would concern yourself with the extremes of the gear range , before you think about getting rid of ten pounds of dead weight.

The range of the commuter gears ( numbers used as per your comment ) may be from 1:4 to 4:1 .. Your race class machine may be from 1:5 to 5:1

Without knowing the type of race to be riden ( As no details have been given about that ) .. You are saying that having the extra range between 1:4 and 1:5 PLUS the range between 4:1 and 5:1 is more important then loosing what is likely to be 10 pounds of dead weight.

No matter what ,. your greater range ( 5 vs 4 ) increase will be useful only during some subset of the ride. ( Likely only for large hills , either up or down )

The weight reduction would be useful for ALL parts of the ride.

Think about it a moment , it would not be a marginal amount of weight ..

Some of the items on my commuter class bike that could be removed to lighten it up for a "race" would be

Package rack
Tool kit ( including pump )
LOCK ( this is 5 pounds all by itself )
Kick stand
gps / phone mount

I think you may be underestimating the amount of weight that can be shaved off a commuter bike.

Comment Re:It's the Analogy, Stupid... (Score 1) 127

Are you making the assumption of a single gear commuter bike ??

My commuter class bike ( often refereed to as hybrid ) has 15 speeds/gears. I use , perhaps 3 or 4 of them .. But the range is there , both high and low.

What exactly would you change ?? give it a higher high gear ?? A lower low ?? How would that be better then loosing 10 pounds of crap ??

Your comment is not making sense to me. Please elaborate.

Comment Re:How is this not a violation of the first amendm (Score 1) 306

First is "freedom of the press" isn't it ??

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This could be used to get borders or barns and nobel to release the information about everyone that bought "some book"... Or to get the subscription records of newspaperX ..

I sure do consider youtube the 21 century version of a printing press.

But anyway.

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