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Comment: Re:Space Quest (Score 2) 1120

by kermitron (#28851497) Attached to: Which Game Series Would You Reboot?
Sometimes I dream I live in a world where Space Quest 7 was never cancelled. I'm hoping the new Monkey Island titles and the relaunch of the original games over XBox Live will reinvigorate the adventure game genre. Unfortunately most people who've bought The Secret of Monkey Island: SE are people who like me, played them many, many years ago, and wanted to relieve them one more time.

Comment: Re:how do you count them? (Score 1) 535

by kermitron (#10452714) Attached to: How Many Versions of Star Wars Do You Possess?
I really only count the special edition release from the 90's as being a part of my Star Wars collection. You know, back when Greedo didn't shoot first. The later VHS and the current DVDs don't count. Goiternecks crap about that version being "the version he wanted to make" just doesn't stand with me.

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