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Comment Re:I read some of the comments to her (Score 1) 467

But they didn't think about it, and then they did it. So it's done. What's your solution? Welfare? You pay out of your taxes in exchange for them learning their lesson about trolling little girls. Though technically, they could probably still troll and collect welfare.

Or what? Deny them welfare, employment and education? Follow them around for life?

What is your actual solution to the people behind these public shamings? Because when you find a new mob to bring excitement into your quiet and timid life, these people are still roaming about, and have to do something, and have to feed themselves somehow.

Comment Re:I read some of the comments to her (Score 1) 467

Yeah, okay but then what. You don't hire them. I don't hire them. Nobody hires them. Then what?

"Oh but they should have thought". Yeah, obviously they didn't. Now they have no job, and according to some people shouldn't have an education.

No job, no prospects of bettering themselves.

Then what. You have angry men with nothing to do walking around. What's your SOLUTION to these specific people?

Comment Re:I read some of the comments to her (Score 1) 467

I hope every one of these sick little fuckers loses their job, gets kicked out of school *and* has their name attached to the story.

And then what? Go on welfare? Be homeless? Beg on the street? Never get an education or an opportunity to better himself? Life in jail? Never be able to get a job again? What's your plan that doesn't somebody else (likely us taxpayers) having to support them for the rest of their lives? Are you comfortable with angry people walking around with no money, nothing to do, and completely desperate?

Comment Actually, no. It's 2.0001 parent babies (Score 5, Informative) 199

Since this story has been around for a couple of days I would have hoped slashdot would know better and have avoided the sensationalist headline. Here's what the experts say.

The biggest problem is that this has been described as three-parent IVF. In fact it is 2.001-parent IVF," Gillian Lockwood, a reproductive ethicist, told the BBC. "Less than a tenth of one per cent of the genome is actually going to be affected. It is not part of what makes us genetically who we are. It doesn't affect height, eye colour, intelligence, musicality. It simply allows the batteries to work properly."

Comment Re:Better Late Than Never (Score 0) 693

One naturally begins to suspect the movement is less than entirely honest about who and what it's targets are.

That's not really a nice way to look at people. You personally find it difficult to see what their goals are, so your next assumption is that they are dishonest? I believe that's a variation of argument from incredulity. Surely you can't be going around in life assuming dishonesty everytime you don't understand the aims of a group.

I don't really see what the goals are for most political movements, to be honest, such as Occupy Wall street, but they sure seemed like nice friendly people when I talked to them.

Also, how does an entire group of probably tens of thousands of loosely connected people act dishonestly? It would be difficult to organize that. It also doesn't hold up well to Occam's Razor.

Comment Re:Slashdot stance on #gamergate (Score 1) 693

Probably a better term for "SJW" in its current dominant usage would be keyboard warrior, however the horse has already bolted.

To paraphrase James Randi, "words are defined by their usage". "Social Justice Warrior" has definitely a predominantly pejorative usage, generally used to describe the self important authoritarians rather than the selfless compassionate ones. For example, few people who use SJW as a pejorative would ever describe Ayaan Hirsi Ali as an SJW, yet SJW will be used predominantly to describe self important keyboard warriors

At this point, SJW has as much chance of having a predominantly positive usage as "Men Rights Activist".

Comment Re:life on the wrong side of an online hate mob (Score 5, Insightful) 693

I've looked into this too. There are certainly threatening comments on twitter, but these get labelled as "By Gamergate" without any kind of awareness of the association fallacy. A threatening comment is always the responsibility of the individual. There are threatening comments all over social media, and anyone can be a victim of it. The media have been parroting this online harassment as fact without distinguishing it from criticism or just rudeness, and also without any acknowledgement of the same harassment on the other side. Active Gamergate supporters seem to vastly outnumber the anti Gamergate crowd by an order of magnitude, so I wonder if that makes it seem worse.

After 5 months of "GamerGate" there's been no arrests, no serious evidence of any imminent threat published or connection to any organized "harassment" campaign. Gamergate supporters themselves have been harassed, swatted, sent malicious objects in the mail and this is largely ignored in the media. Possibly because many of them took a different approach, and didn't kick up that much of a fuss about it, or perhaps because it doesn't fit the media's narrative.

This is my personal experience only, but the vast majority of gamergate supporters I spoke to were laid back, intelligent, friendly, and positive. There was the same ratio of weird but nice people that you'd find in any group really. However, many of Zoe Quinn's supporters ranged from being rude to abusive to authoritarian. They had an air of mocking superiority that gets old really quickly, and why I stay away from twitter.

Comment Re:Three Cheers for Zoe Quinn (Score 3, Insightful) 693

Judging by her online postings she doesn't seem all that different to this new wave of internet troll that we're getting these days. A whole lot of name calling, revelling in drama, and taunting her "haterz", and that kind of thing. It's a bit cringeworthy.

Comment What about when devices discourage this? (Score 1) 840

I accidentally dropped my kettle breaking the switch. I thought it would be easy to just unscrew the base, and reinsert it. Except it was screwed with what I later learned were tamper proof screws. I could buy the screwdriver online, but with the cost, postage, one off use, and three days without cups of tea I just bought a new one.

Comment Re:Red Bull (Score 2) 511

But then you could also buy your coffee at costco, and a nice flask, and you get your cheapest caffeine every day and less disposable cups going to landfills. Though, another point worth mentioning is that coffee's stimulant effect on the body wears off after a while as the body learns to adapt. Some athletes will give up coffee so that their caffeine gels are a bit more effective on race day.

Comment Re:How do you (Score 5, Insightful) 962

Well, it's a logical fallacy, called Poisoning the Well. You discredit what a person might say later by misrepresenting them now. You calmly and rationally tell them that it's a logical fallacy, and that's how you defend it.

I remember in the old days of debating on the internet logical fallacies were referenced a lot. I remember Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit getting a lot of hits when arguments got emotional. It doesn't happen so much anymore, because there's a large influx of people making highly emotive arguments but without much discipline in reasoned arguments. They may make valid points, but when they don't you should point out the logical fallacies in their reasoning. We're all prone to logical fallacies, so it's healthy for debate overall.

Comment Changing IMEI is illegal (Score 5, Informative) 109

Under a 2002 law it was made illegal to change the IMEI unless you're the manufacturer. However, under a 2006 amendment to the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 it was made illegal to even OFFER to do this. You don't have to actually change the IMEI to commit the offense, you just have to offer or say you will. Punishment is up to 5 years in prison. The smartphone blackmarket could be wiped out just by enforcing this law.

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