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Comment: Everybody are complaining but most of us do use it (Score 1) 470

It's just a never-ending bitching about windows this and windows that. It if suits your tasks, use it, if it doesn't don't. I use KDE 90% of the time at my job for coding, testing, deploying, etc. At home I use windows to do some freelance work, code some shit for ARM devices and watch movies/play games. I'm a windows user since 95, and while with you on most of the 8.x metro problems, they are solved with a tiny tool called startisback or start8. And those are the guys who made a fucking fortune with all this situation. Every problem has a solution and while 8.x shouldn't bring all this inconveniences, it's a fucking stable OS that works A-ok. KDE crashes way more, Gnome is the same shit... Unity, well that is a fucking abomination. As for OSX, I just don't like it on a personal level so I won't comment on that. Get over it and stop bitching, don't like it, don't use it. If you have to, fix it. Anyone who asks for help, well you can earn an extra bucks with them.

Comment: Is it really? (Score 1) 269

by kennycoder (#41464123) Attached to: Intel CEO Tells Staff Windows 8 Is Being Released Prematurely
I consider myself a windows power user that uses its features and shortcuts as much as possible because I like a responsive OS. Windows 7 had it all.. fast stable and snappy. Now I've been using windows 8 rtm for some time and it's even faster. I don't get all this whining about metro ui. Just remove all metro apps and you are good to go. Same ol windows.. just a fullscreen start menu. Mine has a desktop shortcut and weather widget. That's it. And it not that bad anyway. Search works way faster. OS boots WAAY faster on a normal HDD (pretty much the same on an SSD). I do a lot of web development in php, .net with several DBs including mysql, postgres, sql server and everything works seamlessly. I just don't get everybody complaining as you are being forced to use the metro ui with everything. It's just a god damn "eye candy" with some adjustments for touch devices. Don't like it, don't use it... it's not like a fullscreen start menu with lots of personalization screws up your experience with the OS. It seems to me that almost everybody who's bashing windows 8 or haven't used it or are simply doing it for the lulz. Get over it, it's a good and stable OS and it's here to stay. And it has nothing to do with Vista.. i had to suffer with it a lot.

Comment: Way too expensive. (Score 1) 351

by kennycoder (#41461925) Attached to: Why American Internet Service Is Slow and Expensive
I seriously don't get it this prices.. maybe lack of good competition? I know the country is huge but still... here in Portugal i'm paying 30 euros for 100MB/s download and 20MB/s upload fiber optics with free landline calls 24/7. Even 4G connection with 50/25MB/s is priced as 40 euros per month with unlimited bandwidth.

+ - Windows XP: The OS that won't die?-> 1

Submitted by akkarin
akkarin (1117245) writes "PC World NZ has released an interesting article about Microsoft
releasing Windows XP Professional SP2c, due to the shrinking pool
of activation keys. From the article:

Microsoft has had to create a new build of Windows XP Professional for computer makers because the six-year-old operating system's continued popularity has nearly exhausted the supply of product activation keys. The new build, dubbed SP2c, includes no fixes or feature changes, but was created simply to address the shrinking pool of product keys. XP Pro SP2c, which has been released to manufacturing, will be made available to OEMs and system builders next month, said Microsoft.

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