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Comment: Re:reduce the amount (Score 1) 983

by keltor (#46465203) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?
Let's say that the rebuiilds CAN cause additional failures, not that it *often* does. I've done maybe 500-600 RAID5 rebuilds and only had two times that there were additional failures, both with consumer SATA/EIDE drives. Most of the RAID failures I've seen have been due to no monitoring and having failed drives for months or even years.

Comment: Re:Not from the car? (Score 1) 329

by keltor (#46251361) Attached to: Tesla Model S Caught Fire While Parked and Unplugged
The only electronics in the front are the lights, some sensors and the power steering stuff. Everything else is in the back. The front wheels seem undamaged, so nothing there. I'd think most likely it was either something on the floor (they have a Lexus, which could have leaked and tada oil fire.)

Comment: Re: why not? (Score 1) 303

by keltor (#46153065) Attached to: Will Microsoft IIS Overtake Apache?
Definitely not SQL injection hacks, but poor PHP code can result in a root level RCE. It's mostly rare now-a-days though since most PHP is run in a userlimited or nobody fashion even if the code is bad, it can only affect the "site". None the less the number of "consumer" bots has always WAAAAAY exceeded the number of servers - actually probably the number of physical servers that exist in total.

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by keltor (#44456299) Attached to: Using Java In Low Latency Environments
I suppose as long as the programmers are ACTUALLY equally skilled it would be fine, but from what I've actually experienced in the real programming world, the C++ programmers are generally all fairly experienced skilled programmers who write effective efficient code. With Java programmers, I have seen quite the opposite, sure there are those experienced skilled programmers who could compete, but a LOT of Java programmers even ones with equal 10-12 years of experience, suck monkey balls at actually writing efficient code. Instead they write code that's JUUUST good enough. That said I know a number of people in the HFT market and the programming languages are ALL over the place, sure some of them are in Java and some are in C++, but there's not any one dominating language: there's plenty of Python, Scala, Perl, Groovy, and probably every language you can image. I believe Perl is actually still the biggest language because a lot of the financial analysts can actually write it directly and so do stuff that the front end systems don't normally allow.

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