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Comment: Re:This could only be the first step (Score 4, Insightful) 464

by kc5goi (#21141755) Attached to: GPS Used As Defence In Radar Speeding Case
I have heard stories of people trying to submit GPS data logs in the past to prove they were not speeding. The judges would not accept the data because it could be considered suspect, particularly if you presented it on a USB dongle since the data is beyond easy to modify. Radar does have its issues, specifically if you are in a group of cars (have you ever been blamed for speeding when the car beside you was passing you). Unless you can provide data in a method that is deemed "un-crackable", I doubt it would be allowed. I could easily re-run the route that I was on when I got stopped, take the track log and modify the time stamps (if they are present and that depends on the GPS data stream you selected). You would want the time stamps to be there to compare against the time the police officer stated on the ticket. I have to take this jab at the judicial system though, despite the fact the the citations say you are not pleading guilt or innocence at the time of the infraction, you are pretty much labelled guilty, the police never lie in the courts point of view and if you claim you are innocent, you get treated as if you were guilty anyway. The only way I can see to defend yourself is to have the same set up in your car as the police do and have it display speed on the recording. Then again we saw recently what happened someone who tried that in Missouri.

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