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Comment: Might not be the original (Score 1) 103

I've been reading a few comments else where that this is not the original. The original was destroyed and another was built for some commercials and the second movie. I found an image from the original movie and looking at the image on the website they do look a bit different. Even so would be cool to have the WOPR instead :) http://collider.com/wp-content/uploads/WarGames-Sheedy-and-Broderick-on-computer.jpg

Comment: Ethical Not... (Score 3, Insightful) 566

by kbsoftware (#41499997) Attached to: A Suicide Goes Viral On the Internet
Gawker's Hamilton Nolan moral compass is way off, but greed has a tendency to do that. It was not ethical to repost the suicide just a cheap very sad grab to profit from it. They could of edited the video and posted a great article with class, dignity etc. but when your moral compass is pointing towards greed well there's the results. I'll stop ranting now :)

Comment: Re:GPU... (Score 1) 477

by kbsoftware (#30160168) Attached to: Microsoft Aims To Close Performance Gap With Internet Explorer 9
Because it's not really doing anything with performance, it's just taking spaghetti code and god knows what else and using more resources to deal with it. To me performance is to have efficient code that uses as little resources as needed. What I find scary is that software is being rushed, or written by folks who should never touch a computer so the programs require more and more resources with no end in sight. This is bad, it should not take 10% cpu/gpu and 200mb to run Tetris, or pacman :) Fixing performance for me is fixing the spaghetti code, fine tuning that code to the point that you have done the best that you can, then if you need more resources it makes sense. Not write crap code and who cares about the resources, after hardware is cheap. I think that's the wrong attitude to have.

Comment: Not a good fix (Score 1) 477

by kbsoftware (#30156776) Attached to: Microsoft Aims To Close Performance Gap With Internet Explorer 9
Doesn't sound like Microsoft will be fixing the performance, but instead just taking the problem and using other resources to help deal with it. I'd would say something like cleaning the code, fixing memory leaks etc. would be a far better way to go, but I suspect Microsoft isn't able to accomplish such a goal with any of their products. I have (like I'm sure many here) a nice display on my desktop that shows the percentage of cpu load at any time, but with software companies like Microsoft now making use of the power of graphics cards it's time to update those cpu load programs to included the load on graphics card so I can still see the damage being done but various programs live. And I also agree with a lot of the posts so far, it's not the speed to load/display webpages it's the memory leaks etc. that's the real problem, shifting some of that to graphics cards really won't help much.

Comment: Re:Meh, Not the problem. (Score 5, Insightful) 380

by kbsoftware (#29967372) Attached to: Anti-Counterfeiting Deal Aims For Global DMCA
Clearly you haven't been paying attention to how the DMCA has been used in the U.S., rarely has it been used to stop actual theft, more used to control. You know those science fiction books and how they paint the future as being very dim, well that future is already happening and this would give it a real big push. Personally as a Canadian if the PC government signs this in anyway then good luck on them ever being re-elected again.

Comment: Security (Score 1) 91

by kbsoftware (#28461075) Attached to: Cornell Computer Theft Puts 45,000 At Risk of Identity Theft
So the moral of the story is if you are looking to educate yourself on security and common sense then Cornell is not where you want to go among other places. It always amazes me it seems to take a few hundred breaches before common sense sings in and simply things like encryption and basic security measures are used.

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