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Comment Nope (Score 1) 98

Hacktivism I don't care about, it's done nothing to spur positive change quite the opposite and new hacktivist group are starting to appear with their own agendas and are beginning to cause more damage than ever. SOPA with the help of many organizations did make temporary change for a while that did include using the internet to help with that change. But then people lost interest and now we have variations of SOPA and soon the TPP. And it goes on and on. Biggest problems the 1%. Solution the other 99% will need to stand up to no more and vote accordingly, but I think 98% are distracted with Facebook and reality tv not to mention well curated news to notice that there is a problem and by the time they do it will be too late.

Comment Mission Accomplish (Score 1) 113

I believe the FBI and DOJ have accomplished what they set out to do. Now that they have harmed him and sent a clear message, mission accomplished. And yes there will be no consequences for the FBI or DOJ, if there were well that might cause the FBI, DOJ and all sorts of other parts of government to start being responsible in their actions and we can't have that.

Comment Maybe find a cure for cancer and more (Score 1) 165

The pharmaceutical industry is not very motivated to find cures for diseases as it would mean less money after a year of so of finding the cure. Just look at cancer research something like $125 billion dollar a year industry. Can you imagine how much money some of the board members are making. So I'm hoping the open source pharma movement will be that movement that will be truely motivated to find cures for diseases like cancer. A problem I do see here is like I say the pharmaceutical industry would feel the impact of someone else finding the cure so I suspect if they even think just a little bit that the open source pharma could find cures that the industry will start lobbying politicians big time to make open source pharma illegal and oh can't wait to hear about all the lawsuits they will bring to try and destroy the movement. So I'm hopeful but I do expect the pharmaceutical industry to do everything in their powers to destroy the open source pharma so tough times ahead.

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