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Comment: Re:Maybe if you could buy a phone... (Score 1) 251

by kbranch (#44426155) Attached to: Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Funding Trends Low
You misunderstand. All single phone pledge levels are the same product (aside from the $10k level), just different prices. The original plan was to have 5000 phones at $600, then the rest at $830. It hit a brick wall after the $600 level ran out, so they decided to add a bunch of other tiers with slowly increasing prices. It's actually pretty neat to look at how linear the funding rates were at the different prices (link).

Comment: Re:Unfortunate (Score 1) 800

by kbranch (#28211309) Attached to: Buying a Domain From a Cybersquatter
I often do this, and I'm an experienced user. I know exactly where the address bar is and what it does.

If you were paying by the minute for your ISDN again, would you rather take 10 additional seconds to load Google and click the appropriate link, or would you prefer to take an extra minute or two to figure out that they sprung for rather than Most large sites will have all the common variations redirect to the correct URL, but it's pretty easy to run into a situation where googling is faster and easier than trying to figure out what domain they decided to pick.

Comment: Re:Windows XP Activation made me a Linux user (Score 1) 630

by kbranch (#24993103) Attached to: What Modern Games Are DRM-Free?
You're twisting the meaning of DRM to make a business model you don't like look bad. There are valid reasons for disliking Blizzard, or WoW, or even any pay per month MMO, but DRM isn't one of them in this case.

If you want to get into technicalities, DRM is Digital Rights Management. I don't think the EULA qualifies as a digital restriction.

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