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Comment Re:Good. (Score 2) 153

"Yes, paying $18 per month "rental" for a $100 device really sucks" Totally agree, even more so considering that when integrated into the TV, the cost is probably more like $20. I looked at SAM's Club over the week end, and the "smart TV" versions of otherwise "non-smart" TVs in the 40" range cost about $40 to $60 more for the "smart" TVs. The hardware for a smart TV is more than capable of dealing with the cable data. Another advantage of having the hardware integrated into the TV as opposed to a set top box (even a universal one) is that you only need one remote.

Comment Re: Only six? (Score 1) 113

Yes of course. I had a closed account that was charged almost a year after being closed via a fubared electronic transaction and the bank still expected me to pay even though I had not been their customer for almost a year. It took me 3 trips to the bank and many phone calls to get them to drop the case.

I was told you cannot close an account, ever, for merchants. When you "close" it, you only essentially tell the bank that you no longer want to get statements, and they will stop charging you the monthly maintenance fee. Also, if you do write a check after "closing" the account, they will deny the payment (I guess that is bank dependent) but in all cases you will be charged an overdraft fee. Once you open an account, it will be there for life and even through death it will be passed to your heirs.

They apparently have no mechanism to filter an incoming electronic debit request when the account is closed because they keep the account number in their logs. Closing an account is not "deleting" an account.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 484

Did not want to get into this thread, but I can only recommend the Moto-X 2nd gen. I have lost count of how many phones I have had, starting with Blackberries, various Moto Droids, an iPhone 4S and now the Moto-X. There are several iPhones in my family (5C, 5S, 6 and 6+ so I am somewhat familiar with those, in addition to my personal experience with the 4S), While I generally like Android better than iPhones, over the years iPhones tended to be smoother (no jitters), just work (particularly with email) and have better battery life while offering fewer options if you just wanted to have a little bit of fun with your phone (why not?)

The Moto-X changed that. It feels smoother than my wife's iPhone 6+ (she has almost no apps installed other than those that came with the phone), gesture controls are actually very useful and well thought out and Motorola phones don't have as much crapware as other Android phones (still more than iPhone though). My wife still beats me with battery life (she charges her iPhone every 2-3 days if she thinks about it) but the Moto-X 2nd gen lasts a full busy day and I am perfectly happy with that (I must add that I am on 4G all day, I have unlimited data and do not connect to my employer's wifi neywork). My wife's iPhone 6+ skips briefly when you rotate a video from vertical to horizontal, my Moto-X does not (on the same program). That was a surprise.. The Moto-X definitely made me a qualified Android fan. Everything happens instantly, the phone has never crashed or needed rebooting in the month since I have had it. Finally, Motorola phones stay in your hand better than any other and don't hit the pavement as much because of the texture on the back. Talk to somebody who owns one.

You could do much worse than get a Moto-X 2nd gen.

Comment why and how do they have income data? (Score 2) 223

Why would my health insurance have my income data? What does it have to do with my health?

How did they get it in the first place? Probably through my employer of course.

Of course, they do not even acknowledge it on their FAQ any more, that was quickly removed.. Now it only says "employment information".

Comment Re:Options are good (Score 1) 307

My concern about Windows 10 on the RPi and Microsoft being interested in the platform is that before you know it, the RPi will have a locked bootloader because Microsoft demands it and suddenly, they own your RPi.

That I think is the reason why people should not run Windows 10 on their RPi. It's going to give Microsoft bad ideas.

Comment Re:Speeding not always an issue (Score 1) 335

"Speed limits should be based on science, not on, "Whatever speed the driver feels is safe enough.""

Exactly, that's why roads should be designed so that people are safe travelling at a speed that feels right, no some artificial limit that may not be intuitive.

Of course, there may be temporal exceptions such as school zone and road work.

If roads were designed scientifically, there should be no need to look at a sign to know what is a safe speed.

Problems come up when the speed limit is not intuitive and some people follow the arbitrary sign, and some do what feels right.

Of course, there will always be idiots too.

Comment Re:Except Game Servers Aren't Down (Score 1) 160

" Yes, we won't be able to add money to our accounts, redeem codes, or buy updates. But so what. We'd still be able to play."

That's the problem. They don't really care if you play. The game is only a pretext for you to spend more money. If you have no way to spend money, the game does not matter to them.

Comment Good luck... (Score 1) 280

I mean this in the best possible way. As someone who has hired a lot of STEM (mostly E) people over the years, it will probably not be easy.

When hiring technical people, we look at education and experience. Depending on the age, one or the other takes greater importance.

At a (relatively) young age of 25, education is the most important. Your education does not qualify you for a STEM job, simple as that.

Now, a number of jobs can be had based on personal relationships. Let's say you have a special skill not reflected by the degree(s) you have, but someone you know is aware of it and in a position to influence someone in a hiring position, you could get a hearing and if you do have skill, you may get a chance at a job.

My understanding is that at the moment you do not have marketable STEM skills, so the only way is to get some.

You can try to do that while holding a job you are qualified for. It will take a while because it will be night school but at least you will get paid while doing it. You won't have too many free nights but not so much debt when you are done.

The alternative is to go student full time, pile up more debt but hopefully get done faster.

Which way to go depends on your personal (family?) situation and the kind and level of pain you are willing to endure.

Comment Keep in mind (Score 1) 720

The woman ALWAYS has the last word in an argument. Anything the man says after that simply is the start of a new argument.

I applaud your trying to satisfy her desire for a neat, tidy and quiet living space in a constructive way. Obviously, even if the PC is tucked away and inaudible, there may be issues later if you spend excessive time playing with it and ignoring her.

So as others have suggested, make sure you understand that life as you know it is no longer available to you and that it is urgent to find activities of common interest.

It would be best for you if these activities involved a highly powered computer, something she may find she needs, like maybe video editing (time to be creative). Once she sees the PC as a tool rather than an annoyance, the noise won't be as much of a problem and she may even let you play with it, occasionally.

Good luck to you!

Comment you said features? (Score 2) 291

I think part of the problem is that marketing types decide that they need a certain type of phone to get people in the store, in order to try and upsell them on a more expensive product with better margins (or one that will suck up data faster so that you have to upgrade to a more expensive plan).

The "feature" phone (in that case, a phone with hardware keyboard which is a real oddity nowadays) is not intended to make any money for the company by itself and nobody really gives a damn if it's even working, to be honest.

They are perfectly aware of it and if you bring it back to the store a few days later because you have found out how much it actually sucked, they will be extremely glad to exchange it for a higher priced model.

On the other hand, the issue is compounded by the fact that most Android phones are hacked by the phone service provider. They are not content to let you have the Google Android experience, they have to "differentiate" themselves from the others, and too often that means adding ill-conceived, substandard, undertested apps that ruins the experience.

In that case, Google may not be entirely clean as I am not sure if Android is even supposed to support a hardware keyboard. I have used several Bluetooth keyboards on my Nexus 7 and they do not all work the same.

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