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Comment Re:Sharing channel == worse picture quality (Score 1) 80

So two stations that were previously using 6 MHz bandwidth each, will now share one channel, presumably using 3 MHz each.... and so each will have a 50% drop in picture quality. How is this a good thing for the consumer?

They are sharing 19MB data stream, it means dropping PQ or Sub channels or both

Comment Its just like teachers picking text books (Score 1) 359

When I was in high school we were told to buy a specific model TI ( I don't remember the number) because thats what the teachers knew how to use. If you were the kid who bought the cheaper Casio with more features and a color screen you were on your own to figure out how to use it.

Comment This is stupid (Score 1) 215

I'm surprised Apple caved on this one, I don't think they were in the wrong. $22.99 / 8 is about $2.87 per episode. That is pretty much the going rate. On Amazon a season pass just buys each episode as they are released. The price is the same as everywhere else but I think its more clear. The plus to amazon is if the season you subscribed to starts to suck you can just cancel the season pass and cut your losses.

Comment Re:Story submitter here (Score 1) 607

if SyFy had been a paid cable network

SyFy is and SciFi was a paid cable network. Every customer who has SyFy in their lineup is paying somewhere between 20 cents to a dollar a month for the channel. The problem with any niche channel is once they get broad distribution it is more profitable to show generic garbage that gets more viewers than the niche content that started the channel. The fact that the Science Channel is showing science fiction content is another example of a niche channel going for a broader audience.

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