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Comment: How do you disincentivize some degrees? (Score 1) 597

by kaybee (#46264375) Attached to: Financing College With a Tax On All Graduates

If college is free and you don't have to pay back much if you don't make much, what prevents us from wasting our resources on degrees that aren't economically useful? Sure, it is great to pay for an engineering degree and most likely that will be repaid, but if somebody wants to spend 4 years (or maybe even a PhD) on 18th Century French Art, then work at McDonalds the rest of their lives, we don't want to pay for that, do we?

When do we cut people off? Do we only pay for undergrad? When do they need to start providing value to society based on their education?

Finally, if you don't have to pay for school, wouldn't it likely encourage some people to pursue high-paying jobs they might not be really that good at? I would love to make the salary of a heart surgeon, and perhaps I could have become one, but it would have cost a lot of money and I know I never would be a great one. But if college was free, why not try?

Comment: I don't believe post-scarcity will ever happen (Score 1) 888

by kaybee (#46264355) Attached to: Star Trek Economics

No matter how much we have, I believe at least some people will always want more. Yes, we will have enough for survival (we have that much today), in other words we can support everybody's *needs*, but not their *wants*.

On Star Trek, what prevents everybody from spending their whole lives on Reisa (a resort planet)? The planet wouldn't have enough room. And part of the attraction of Reisa is being waited after, but who would do the waiting if nobody had to work?

People will always want huge houses, their own islands, huge boats, huge starships, their own planets, etc. How do you allocate those limited resources without money?

+ - GoldieBlox: The Engineering Toy for Girls->

Submitted by kaybee
kaybee (101750) writes "Many of us are engineers, and many of us grew up playing with Legos, Contrux, Erector Sets, etc. I personally think these childhood experiences help create great communities like Slashdot.

Today, many of us have daughters or one day might have daughters. It looks like we might finally have a set of toys that might get our daughters into engineering, and I am personally excited by the possibility."

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