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Comment: Luddite here. (Score 1) 399

by katorga (#46862007) Attached to: Japanese and Swiss Watchmakers Scoff At Smartwatches

I like a simple, analog, mechanical watch that i can use to tell time and navigate with. Anything by Sinn, old Certina DS-2 Chronolympic's with Valjoux 23's, Porsche Orfina Lemania 5100's, and Seiko 6105's are my favorites.

Smart functions will simply consume too much power to make the watch useful, and god forbid it gets as hot as my phone does when used.

Comment: Sick of "smart" crap (Score 1) 399

by katorga (#46861945) Attached to: Japanese and Swiss Watchmakers Scoff At Smartwatches

Maybe its just me, but not only do I not really want a smart watch, I'm losing interest in my smart phone as well.

Give me a vintage chronograph with a Lemania 5100, Lemania 1341, Poljot 3133 or any Valjoux movement and I'll be happy. Nothing is cooler than a mechanical watch with an analog face.

Comment: Risks are LESS than thought (Score 1) 172

by katorga (#46826509) Attached to: Asteroid Impacts Bigger Risk Than Thought

In all of recorded human history, how many Cities, towns, villages, settlements or even individual humans have been directly killed by a meteor or asteroid impact?

The probability of being killed by a nuclear weapon is higher. This is simply a case of NASA creating some hype to justify continued budgets for a "space" agency that can't go to space any more.

Comment: Use cash (Score 1) 264

by katorga (#46126313) Attached to: Federal Agency Data-Mining Hundreds of Millions of Credit Card Accounts

Time to use cash. This is where this is or the person who stole your CC info buys a pack of cigarettes, and a few months later you get a nasty 40% penalty on your Obamacare premium. You buy some artisan, unpasteurized yogurt with your card and an FDA swat team raids your house, taser's your girlfriend, shoots your dog and stomps on your parakeet. After 10 years of buying books on Amazon, you finally hit the magic combination and the NSA deems you a terrorist, and your new girlfriend, dog and parakeet suffer the consequences.

Comment: The government made him go hospital? (Score 1) 961

by katorga (#45527593) Attached to: Why Scott Adams Wished Death On His Dad

Umm. He can check out and go home. The end would be quick at that point. No one is forcing him to stay in hospital and get treatment as long as a living will or power of attorney has been completed.

The problem with "government" allowing assisted suicide is that governments rapidly move to enforced suicide to deal with expensive treatments or those political undesirables with "life not worthy of living". Every time the state has been given the power to kill it uses it.

Comment: Wood stocks are undetectable too! (Score 2) 550

by katorga (#45454525) Attached to: Sen. Chuck Schumer Seeks To Extend Ban On 'Undetectable' 3D-Printed Guns

Gee. The bullet is brass copper and lead. The barrel is steel. I guess old school guns with wood stocks would be undetectable as well according to the periodic table in Mr. Schumer's world.

For less than $4000, anyone can get a gunsmiths metal working setup, and build any gun they want. In fact its perfectly legal for anyone to build an firearm with no serial number as long as its not an NFA restricted weapon like a machine gun and it is not for sale or transfer.

Comment: BA degrees rule.... (Score 1) 655

History and Poli-Sci here.

I worked my way through college as a Foreign Affairs & Defense staffer for a US Senator, graphic designer, campus Sun workstation sysadmin and bartender (all at once sometimes). The Vax, Sun's and Mac's in the various jobs gave me the computer bug, and was completely self taught from there, barring some non-degree math/programming classes I've taken over the years. I've worked for 20+ years in IT for Fortune 100 companies. I've not had any interest in doing what I originally planned to do for my career. Go figure.

Comment: definitions change (Score 1, Insightful) 668

by katorga (#45172945) Attached to: A Ray of Hope For Americans and Scientific Literacy?

A typical tea party type has more in common with a classic 19th century "liberal" than a modern "liberal".

A modern liberal has more in common with a 20th century collectivist (marxism, syndicalism, or corporatism) than a 19th century liberal.

A modern conservative has more in common with a 1930's progressive.

A modern progressive has more in common with a 20th century totalitarian (fascism, Stalinist communism).

All results of re-branding by the various ideologies after their various catastrophic failures.

Comment: Almost all science iswrong almost all the the time (Score 1) 316

by katorga (#45165145) Attached to: How Science Goes Wrong

Almost all science is wrong almost all the the time and that is how it should be. Scientific discovery advances as much through failed theories and hypothesis' as it does through proven ones. Looking at the history of the golden age of physics in the 1900's, everyone was building on the failed ideas which had the effect of narrowing options to more likely ones, and focusing effort.

Comment: there is it isjust not covered (Score 1) 610

by katorga (#45158165) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Isn't There More Public Outrage About NSA Revelations?

There is a lot of outrage, the lickspittle media simply doesn't not cover it in order to protect their sacred cow of the Centralized Authoritarian State.

I noticed in the last US budget debacle how one party called the other "anarchists", "hostage takers", etc.; pretty soon they'll mean it and the purges will start. I think within 8 years whatever party is in power will fully turn the system against the citizens and political opponents, and outlaw any dissent, criticism of the government, or simple individualism, as well as the opposing party. It will happen simultaneously in the US and UK, and will probably coincide with whatever massive screw up the government is responsible for at the time, probably the same time the US and UK governments decide to "bail in" and confiscate 10-20% of the assets of everyone with positive net worth per the IMF report.

Comment: People have been able to do this forever (Score 4, Insightful) 578

by katorga (#43761395) Attached to: Of 1000 Americans Polled, Most Would Ban Home Printing of Guns

A Grizzly gunsmith lathe and mill combo costs around $4000, less than a 3d printer. The steel and aluminum rods and blocks are also cheap and available. Anyone can machine a REAL gun cheaper than they can make a plastic one. You make bullets out of lead/tin tire rim weights. If you use an older cartridge that was originally a block powder round like .45 colt or 45-70 govt. you can make your own powder. The only part that I'm not sure of is how one would make brass shell cases or primers.

Comment: Fascism (Score 1) 1130

by katorga (#42737593) Attached to: Machine Gun Fire From Military Helicopters Flying Over Downtown Miami

There is no excuse for these "drills" other than to terrorize and intimidate citizens. And combined with promotion exams requiring officers to commit to firing on US citizens, West Point "white papers" discussing how to perform counter insurgency against US citizens, and the fact the the Dept. of Homeland Security as stockpiled billions of rounds of ammunition, the only possible explanation is that US government is preparing to go to war with the US civilian population. There are so few actual "terrorists" in the world that nothing else justifies this level of para-military build up.

Its not far fetched. Its happened quite often in the last 113 years. They will either use resistance to gun confiscation or an engineered dollar collapse to start hostilities and implement an authoritarian/free market system like China or Singapore.

Comment: What a joke (Score 1) 1719

by katorga (#42317829) Attached to: Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage

Gun control? Like they control illegal drugs? Like they control felons getting illegal guns? Please. All they will do is harass people who never do anything wrong. The criminals and wackos will get guns and still do their thing.

Its pretty simple. They either follow the rules and change the US Constitution to remove the 2nd Amendment or go home, because the US Supreme Court keeps over turning gun bans.

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