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Comment Re: Will you stop approving submissions by this gu (Score 3, Insightful) 220

IMHO you're wrong. Battery failure is the biggest reason to "upgrade." Availability of software updates is a close second. CPU, screen res etc are already overkill even on a 4 year old phone. Many phone lives have been extended by replacing the battery, though the industry is "on" that "problem" now.

Comment Re:Fools think this is horrible. (Score 5, Interesting) 442

If the police end up caring about the public, then they can't be trusted to act in the interests of those in power when they're told to go bash skulls at a food riot in progress.

That just won't do. To prevent that, animosity must be generated between the police and the people. Psychopathic goons who want to lay a beat-down must be given hiring preference. Unjust court rulings must let police off the hook for their wrongs and overly punish regular folks for even the slightest perceived infractions.

That's how you get the people busy fighting among themselves and ignoring the real problems in our society: bankers/financiers, crooked politicians, and billionaire globalist industrialists.

Comment Why that's a real issue (Score 2) 391

That law puts decision making burdens on the wrong people and there are no end of debatable cases.

The police department of a nearby city told an employer that the picture of a young boy in his underwear on an employee's computer was actionable.

On the other hand, if an "IT technician" gets too sensitive, people with bathtub photos of their kids are going to have their lives ruined.

Then there's the issue of whether it's even safe to report things. Right here on Slashdot, someone who runs a porn hosting business said that the first time they found a customer running underage porn, they contacted the authorities. The authorities then threatened to prosecute the hosting firm. When that firm finds child porn today they silently fire the customer and delete the content.

Comment Re:Corrupt politicians (Score 1) 251

Common criminals have much more to gain from this idea than the NSA does.

It's embarrassing that people are only now beginning to pretend to care about communication security, thanks to NSA getting caught. (Have to say "pretend" because it's not like most people are really doing anything different. But at least they're talking about it. I guess that's something.)

But if we want to take all the threats that plaintext communications exposes us to (our own government, other governments, organized crime, insurance companies, nosey neighbors, political witchhunters, ad profilers, and yes: even the greatest enemy (our own fears, since even when you're not being watched, if you think you might be watched then you're still not free)) and put all that under the blanket label "NSA," that's fine. Just fucking fine.

It's bullshit, but it's ok. Whatever it takes to start going things right. If you wanna pretend the NSA is the threat that's ok because at least, they really are a threat. (Not sure they make the top-ten list, but hey, whatever.) Wear the label, NSA. Big Brother, be the proxy for all the little brothers. You'll do just fine, NSA.

Comment Re:Deniers? (Score 3, Insightful) 507

When all else fails, watch the way the parties debate and assess their credibility from their actions.

On one hand, there are scientists who tell you what their error bars are, talk in terms of probabilities, and tell you where they need more data to offer firmer forecasts.

On the other side I have heard
o The planet is not warming up, satellite measurements prove it
o The warming, which isn't happening, ended in 1998
o The warming, which isn't happening, which ended in 1998, is caused by carbon dioxide from volcanoes
o The warming which isn't happening which ended in 1998 which is caused by CO2 from volcanoes has nothing to do with CO2 but is caused by solar output changes

There's more.

Some of it is honest backlash against people who go beyond the evidence. I dismiss anyone who talks about "saving the planet". The planet was just fine with palm trees growing in Antarctica.

Most of it is cynically calculated intentional disinformation. See the book "The Climate Coverup" for examples of how talking points were tested in focus groups without any investigation into whether they were true.

Then consider, if you don't believe the scientists, that they could be wrong in either direction and things could be worse than they expect. There's actually some data to suggest exactly that. See the book "With Speed and Violence", from a science magazine editor who has excellent BS filters.

Comment Re:The current majority will fade out... (Score 1) 547

Governments have CAUSED the so-called population problem. Their pandering to bankers through deficit financing and bailouts, allowing them to steal nearly all of the public's productivity gains have left people with a situation where it is very expensive to raise kids if you're not on welfare. As a result, you're seeing people not having kids until their 30's now, and having *maybe* 2 of them.

Add to this the completely biased court system in western countries that make it absolutely profitable for a woman to get a divorce, leaving the guy eating dog food and living in a dank, rented basement while he pays for her and the kids every needs, while being lucky to get weekend visits with his kids that aren't supervised, is it any wonder that guys have little desire to have kids?

Oh, but now that the baby boomer generation is dying off, and we're normalizing the population trend again, it's this huge fucking problem because of the broken system our corrupt politicians set up that demands infinite growth in a finite world or their fiat system crashes. So let's haul in millions of immigrants as fast as we can to patch up this problem, and in typical government fashion, create a new problem on top of it. Let's not even think about what happens when a critical mass of them stay on welfare and don't contribute to the system, resulting in net-loss to the whole fiasco, making things even worse.

The resulting implosion will be spectacular, to say the least. I'd rather not be around to see it though.

Comment Not as much a boon as you would expect?! (Score 1) 51

The new IRS guidance could be a boon to providers of identity protection services such as Experian and Lifelock, though maybe not as much as one would expect. .. Fewer than 10% of those potentially affected by a breach opt for free identity protection services when they are offered.

That is the boon to those services. The whole point of asking Congress to subsidize a particular industry's customers, is to increase the number of customers.

If widget purchases are tax-deductible, then people will buy more widgets (and fewer gadgets). What's weird is that we still think of income tax as being merely a tax on income, rather than a system for encouraging certain spending and discouraging others. What I want to see, is Hollywood making entertainment tax-deductible. I can't believe they haven't bought that one yet.

Comment Re:Easy to follow guide (Score 1) 308

This isn't a theory, this is speculation.

Biologically, men are constitutionally weaker than women. Their infant mortality rate is higher. In environments with the same lifestyle and stresses, women live longer (studies have compared nuns with monks).

You could even argue that having only one X chromosome is a dangerous genetic defect.

Speculation #1, then, is that mental illness is in the same lump of phenomena as hemophilia and color blindness, disproportionately affecting males.

Speculation #2 is that men get better health care than women and are diagnosed more often as a result.

Speculation #3 is that there's no such phenomenon at all, given that women are diagnosed with depression more than men are.

>They are just as dangerous

You might be falling into a common mistake there. OCD people, depressed people, most schizophrenics, and most other mentally ill people are as safe to be around as anyone else.

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