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Comment Re:It's not broken. (Score 0) 1154

It works for me as well (I started using it in 1998). It works fine also for my parents (both 60+ years old), they however started using it in November 2009. It is rock solid and causes a lot less troubles than Windows XP they had before. Oh, and we're all using Ubuntu (we also love Unity :).

Comment Re:No Unity? (Score 0) 141

Unity is not perfect. But still it's usability is much better than original Gnome 2.x and (as I mentioned in my previous post) still better than Gnome 3.x. KDE/xfce/etc are not solutions either. Unity Dash with lenses, scopes simply rock and make work much faster and easier.

Comment Re:Time for the Judges ruling? (Score 0) 475

You pay for the SERVICE not for the API. You could implement the same API but without the data their service is providing it would be useless...Also, Google DID NOT copyright those APIs, if you look carefully you will see that the whole API is a simple REST like webservice. There is nothing to copyright.

Comment Re:Eric Schmidt, master of non-answers (Score 3, Insightful) 431

Really?? I have Samsung Galaxy S2 and I can't recall any incorrectly working application, and I have downloaded a lot. Guess I am (again *) lucky ;-) (*) - the same is with my Linux PC, in last 2-3 years never had any issue with drivers, non working devices etc.

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