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Immaculate Conception In a Boa Constrictor 478

Posted by samzenpus
from the gold-frankincense-and-mice dept.
crudmonkey writes "Researchers have discovered a biological shocker: female boa constrictors are capable of giving birth asexually. But the surprise doesn't end there. The study in Biology Letters found that boa babies produced through this asexual reproduction — also known as parthenogenesis — sport a chromosomal oddity that researchers thought was impossible in reptiles. While researchers admit that the female in the study may have been a genetic freak, they say the findings should press researchers to re-think reptile reproduction. Virgin birth among reptiles, especially primitive ones like boas, they argue may be far commoner than ever expected."

Comment: Re:Hmm (Score 0) 779

by karbyn-aceous (#33874110) Attached to: Pope Says Technology Causes Confusion Between Reality and Fiction
"so what purpose would you have for watching the game"

A very good question ... and what the hell would you do with yourself? I'm surprised no one has mentioned God's Debris by Scott Adams ...'s_Debris

A free copy can be found here:


+ - Political parties using Web 2.0

Submitted by karbyn-aceous
karbyn-aceous (1204544) writes "With the recent election call in Canada, the main parties have been slinging mud fast and furious. This site illustrates a great way to reach voters, and let them vent their stories. Also, the Green Party has this website because they have been excluded from the TV debates, which the leader Elizabeth May has called out the other leaders The Convervative Party has a high-tech war-room but their debut did not go smoothly.

How else can political parties get a leg up?"

Always try to do things in chronological order; it's less confusing that way.