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Comment Re:Ia my impression wrong? (Score 2) 510

"What is the mechanism that causes this lack of collective filtration for logic in one party but not the other."

You're almost there. That is exactly what is going on, but it happens on the candidate level.
Why don't you enter the Olympic games and win the gold medal on 100 m dash? Don't you want to beat Hussain Bolt? Of course you do! Don't you want to earn that medal in less than 10 seconds (much better than 2 hours of hard work for the marathon)? Of course you want that medal.
But you're not going to enter. Why not? Because you know you don't stand a chance.

Self-selection is an important process in society. It is why nerds go to the university to study programming, math, engineering etc. And some other people become politician or priest/imam/rabbi etc.

Not standing a chance is why honest, capable Republicans don't put themselves on the ballot list. Once the question on evolution is raised (something you don't need much knowledge of to be president/congressman or whatever), you know that if you give an honest answer, you lose the vote of a significant part of the electorate. Now, you could lie, but you don't do that. Only people not capable of dealing with some high school level biology or who are willing to lie, then you get your name on the ballot list. I don't think that is a good recipe for good government but until Americans get their act together they get lousy politicians if they let adherence to nonsense guide their vote.

And that is why anyone should speak up for truth and reality. Ignorance/stupidity/ etc are harmful, even if seemingly innocent like a personal belief in how life turned out to be.

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Comment Re:Interesting arguments (Score 1) 273

"I find these anti homeopathy arguments interesting, this idea that nothing of value can exists which has not been done better by the medical profession and how it must lack any workability."


"It's not like medicin is money motivated in the least, much like government employees are not a cut above all and never lie, for any motivation."

Pot kettle black. Where does this homeopathy stuff comes from? Answer: (Big) Companies selling essentially water for marked up prices, praying on easily deluded souls. At least pharmaceutical companies have to come up with something that works at least some of the time for some.


Comment Re:How does it hurt academic research? (Score 1) 101

Academic research does not infringe a patent, so no problem there.

As to funding, the fund providers should realise that if the academic research results in patentable subject matter, still a major benefit can be achieved. The patent (applications) may be dependent on a Google patent, but Google isn't allowed to do what is in that dependent patent (application) too. So, this gives negotiation power and/or results in cooperation.


Comment Why roaming will stop, for Europe's sake (Score 2) 37

"Notably, this means (if all goes as promised) the elimination of cellphone roaming fees within the EU; however, that's been promised and delayed before."

It will work. First of all, Marietje Schaake rules and will not let go; she is on top of it for years now. Second of all, "Europe/Brussels" has something to prove to European citizens, that it does useful things for them. This is one topic that is highly visible to the common people, so it is hard to ignore by the powers that be.


Comment Would this not have happened (Score 1) 546

if they hadn't tried to burn the whistleblower? The US government could have let him return to the US safely, instead of making him stay in a country where you have spies running around. Instead we get double standards: Life of the little guy is ruined, the top brass can continue (including lying to congress/senate) or get a mild slap on the wrist (David "Betrayus" Petraeus)

It is is interesting to know if the story is true in the first place: Both China an Russia crack the code, at about the same time. And we know that for both countries. Wow, I'm impressed that this spying business works so well.


Comment Re:Assertions not based on facts (Score 1) 445

Actually, even if you consider all the cold facts consistent with evolution "no hard evidence", then the soft evidence for it is still infinitely more than for any god.

There are hundreds of religions. If one assumes there is only one true religion divulged by god, the others are made up by humans. So, it is possible for humans to invent a religion. Now, about that "real" one... . Does it really trump the theory of evolution?


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