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Comment: Pay A Patent Fee Every Year (Score 1) 207

by kamaaina (#49102827) Attached to: Wired On 3-D Printers As Fraud Enablers

Maybe there should a be a fee made a that starts at $1 USD a year and doubles each year. At year 10 a patent should be $1024 at year 20, it would be $1,048,576, at year 30 it would be over a billion to keep that patent.

Change the base or the start point, but my point is the longer you own a patent, the more it should cost in a geometric way.

Comment: Re:I almost forgot.... (Score 1) 579

by kamaaina (#45793441) Attached to: Utilities Fight Back Against Solar Energy

My mom told me Maui Electric sent two different people to check on my her Solar setup, she has these credits from the power company that she can't cash out, but it was nice seeing her go from paying the electric company to being owed money. She was paying about $400 a month, she owes the solar panel installers $13k, I think it was worth it for her. Maybe I should set up some bitcoin mining there.

Also, I was there last week and power went out early in the morning, not sure why. She said it was a common occurrence and killed her LCD TV.

BTW, Hawaii also has a pretty big military installation (Pearl Harbor, Hickam , Schofield, Kaneohe), so I nice chunk of income comes from the military, not just tourism.

Comment: Cellphone and Clothes (Score 1) 381

I worked for a company that did not offer cell phones, even to IT folk. They said that they will call my personal cell phone if they needed me on the weekend. Their reasoning is that a cell phone is like clothes, everyone is going to wear them.

It was weird because the company did provide a lot of other tools, personal protective gear, and even had segways on the factory floor so we did not have to walk so much.

So I gave them my land line and cancelled my cell phone. Then one weekend I was out and about, and they could not get a hold of me. Monday I was told to go buy a phone.

Yeah I have clothes (land line) but if the tool you need me to have is a mobile phone much like I need steel toed boots rather than running shoes when working in the shop.

But I don't know if I can pull that today, I am so reliant on my phone. But I did notice when I look in OWA I can remotely delete any mobile device that I have checks email on OWA. We haven't fully implemented our MDM Mobileiron solution, but Exchange already can wipe phones. So I think I would just "give" my phone to my wife or kids, if any employer pulled this on my again and the can call my google voice number.

Comment: Q-See vulnerable too (Score 3, Informative) 157

by kamaaina (#42723293) Attached to: 58,000 Security Camera Systems Critically Vulnerable To Attackers

I have the QC444 and you can telnet to it as root with no password.

Also when you access the camera, your creds go out via cleartext and you can easily see what your password is.

ActiveX is used to log in and manage the box remotely, also if you use a password longer than 6 characters, you cannot use the PSS software that they put otu on their web site.

There was also some weirdness with it trying to talk to IP address

Comment: Re:RT == SecureBoot (Score 2) 287

by kamaaina (#41761097) Attached to: Now That It's Here, Is There a Place For Windows RT?

Bummer, was about to say we could put Linux on these devices, then you reminded me about SecurBoot, EFI or whatever it was.

I hope someone will find a way to root these devices so I can get an Android ROM or Linux Distro on it. Maybe a hypervisor like vmware horizon mobile with our own OS on it.

Comment: Fine or Fee (Score 1) 72

by kamaaina (#41439771) Attached to: New York Times Takes Aim At Data Center

I recall the fire at the Fisher Plaza Colo in Seattle July 2009. They got power up using rented generators they placed on the street.

They were getting fined for have those generators there, but what you gonna do, those customers in your colo need power. But costs like the fine are rolled into the cost of doing business. More like a fee rather than a fine.

Comment: Re:I'll take getting a job Alex (Score 2) 630

by kamaaina (#41308977) Attached to: Is a Computer Science Degree Worth Getting Anymore?

Totally agree, its a passion for me and I have a BSCS.

I originally went to school for a Civil Engineering degree, one of the requirements was a Fortran programming class, I really liked it and switched to a CS degree.

School forced me to get a wider view of things and where I learned to step out of my comfort zone, I have no interest in being a DBA but learned SQL in school. If it weren't for school, I think I would have not gotten into Unix/Linux at all. I regularly step out of my comfort zone and learn things on my own like Android programming and the Arduino platform.

Now I do Linux and virtualization at work, and I do it as a hobby at home too, I'm sure some here in the slashdot crowd are the same. I like to find out why things are a best practice, .

Pretty sure some out there would say I don't have a life or I am going to burn out soon; right now at over 40, I feel blessed because I like what I do, am good at what I do, and there is a demand for my skills in technology, problem solving and planning. If I wasn't happy with were I am at, I could leave, I've done it before and picked up something new quickly.


+ - UEFI Secure Boot, Linux, and Virtualization->

Submitted by thisNameNotTaken
thisNameNotTaken writes: Microsoft is implementing UEFI Secure Boot in the Windows 8 OS, []. This will impact users who want to dual boot other distributions — Linux included. Garrett, a Red Hat employee who works on the Fedora distro, has a solution for the Fedora Linux distro. [].

My question is how the the UEFI issue might effect a users ability to use QEMU [] and/or Oracle VirtualBox. Garrett says UEFI will "be moving to requiring signed kernel modules and locking down certain aspects of kernel functionality. The most obvious example is that it won't be possible to access PCI regions directly from userspace, which means all graphics cards will need kernel drivers.".

Does this "signing" mean Windws 8 will not allow any type of vitalization? Are we now heading into an era where software , again, is so limited that an abacus now looks hi-tech.

Link to Original Source

Comment: Evolve or Die (Score 1) 267

by kamaaina (#38911563) Attached to: The IT Certs That No Longer Pay Extra

I agree with the article statement saying

"The key is to evolve your skills with the demand", its been a far road from editing the config.sys file to understanding VLAN tagging.

Also, one thing I am surprised not on there is virtualization, I think you need a broad set of skills to manage a vmware environment, on the technical side you need to know different OS's, SAN, VLANs, IO etc. Also you need to be able to manage a political minefield where everyone things they should have a high priorty, and justify budgets from different groups using those resources.

Comment: Re:Oh, lovely (Score 2) 340

by kamaaina (#38593728) Attached to: Nginx Overtakes Microsoft As No. 2 Web Server

And this is why I thank god I just up AND DID Web Development and didn't shit my money down the toilet on a CS degree.
So yes -- Why are you paying for college?

For most Software Development, the "University of Google" is a far more cost and time effective education.

Specializing in Web development is OK, not knocking that, but doesn't school also teach you about stuff you don't want to learn.

Back in the day I didn't want to do Unix, but I was forced to write C programs on Unix box. Learned vi (and a little bit of edlin), how to grep and pipe, processes and spawning.

Saves the day cause I understand how some of the stuff works.

On ESXi someone tried to delete a folder that contained a running VM, I don't think there is anything on google on bringing that back, but knew it was still running, knew about file handles, VMDK was still there and was able to recover the VM. Would have been gone if they rebooted the host.

Hardware class tought me about boot sectors and was able to recover a physical hard disk.

Being forced to telnet to port 80 and 25 taught me about protocols.

Yeah it was 4 years, but sure makes it easier to figure out stuff, pretty sure I am at a higher pay grade then other Sr Level Engineers in my company.

Maybe you can spin up a web page faster then me, I would higher you, but they would trust me to go and talk to the different departments, come up with the requirements and schedule. No I am not a PM.

Real Programmers don't write in FORTRAN. FORTRAN is for pipe stress freaks and crystallography weenies. FORTRAN is for wimp engineers who wear white socks.