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Comment: Re:Sign, discovery showing its high standards agai (Score 1) 327

by kaltsbert (#35773454) Attached to: What Happens If You Get Sucked Out of a Plane?
Could you link to an incident report where that happened? Crew holding on to a person's legs and the person dying during the incident? Because there is a real incident, which has already been referred to in this discussion thread, where this happened to the captain of a passenger airplane, but the man did survive.

Once again, here's the link to that real incident:

Comment: Re:Well, I'm not so sure 'won' as 'competed well' (Score 1) 133

by kaltsbert (#33844526) Attached to: Watch the 1st American Newsreel of Sputnik Launch

... first moonwalk.

Perhaps first spacewalk? Leave something for the Americans too :-) It's a shame that the Soviet film material from the era is so much worse than what NASA was able to provide. It would be interesting to see quality footage from the Soviet accomplishments too.

Classic Games (Games)

Setting Up Ubuntu On a PS3 For Emulation 81

Posted by Soulskill
from the eight-bit-high-def dept.
Gizmodo is running a guide on how to install Ubuntu on a Playstation 3 and set it up to play vintage games through emulation. Quoting: "It still kind of surprises me (in a good way) that Sony was, from the start, very OK with PS3 owners tinkering with Linux on their PS3s. A modified release of Yellow Dog Linux was available from the very beginning, and some very handy hard drive partitioning and dual-boot utilities are baked right into the PS3's XMB; Ubuntu gets installed on an entirely separate partition of your PS3's hard disk, so your default system doesn't get touched and switching between Ubuntu and the XMB is a piece of cake. There is a flipside to this coin, however. Since the PS3's Cell Processor is PowerPC based, you won't be able to use any Linux software that's compiled for x86, which is, unfortunately, most of it. However, Ubuntu has always had a PPC distro, and most of the basic stuff will work just fine. You can even load up a PPC-compiled Super Nintendo Emulator, SNES9X, and play some classic games pretty easily on your Sixaxis controller paired via Bluetooth."

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