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Comment: Re:Cablecard support? (Score 1) 144

by kalpol (#39633723) Attached to: MythTV 0.25 Released, New HW Acceleration and Audio Standards Support

Cable companies want above else for you to use their hardware and their services (DVR, cable box, etc) and are still fighting tooth and nail to cripple competing services on every front.

Well, too bad for them that they can't force me to subscribe to cable. I've even gone so far as to pull out the janky wiring from multiple cable installs over the years in the house I purchased.

Comment: VIC-20 BASIC program from tape (Score 1) 498

by kalpol (#34680926) Attached to: What's the Oldest File You Can Restore?
I still have a VIC-20 and tape drive. Recently while listening to my cassette copy of the 1812 Overture, I realized that for some reason, when I was a kid, I had saved a BASIC program in the blank space occurring after the music on one side of the tape. I haven't tried to restore it, but the tape is in good shape, and there doesn't seem to be anything preventing reloading the program from tape. I'm guessing it dates from 1984. I have a lot of floppies from the late 80s that I'm sure are still readable, if I can find a working drive.

Comment: Re:To immediately Godwin the poll... (Score 1) 1270

by kalpol (#33966526) Attached to: Given one free trip to the past in a time machine, I would..
We wouldn't know if they had or not. If a time traveler offed Hitler, the timeline would rebuild and we'd have our memories, just like now, of the "original" events, having no knowledge of the change since we're inside the continuum (so to speak). So they might be constantly screwing with the past and we'll never know.

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