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Comment: Leap day is NOT today (Score 4, Informative) 337

by kallenberg (#39194807) Attached to: Leap Day, to me, means ...
Check your calendars, leap day is always on the 24th of February. Why? Because on this day we are missing a complete day in the calendar. On the 29th we are missing more than a day. So the days are pushed. 24th->25th, 25th->26th, 26th->27th, 27th->28th, 28th->29th and finally the 24th is inserted. Being born on the 28th, I celebrate my birthday on the 29th if it is a leap year. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregorian_calendar

Comment: Did Microsoft use ImgSeek? (Score 1) 192

by kallenberg (#34739918) Attached to: Microsoft Patents Looks-Are-Everything Dating
Well take a look at the program imgseek. You index your photos, draw a drawing in a simple bitmap paint area, then search for what you painted. Program works well e.g. if you draw a dog... a horse surely will show up. Did microsoft use this program to make their patented image search engine?

+ - Giving a Netbook to a 4yr old. What to load on it? 2

Submitted by nostrodecus
nostrodecus (65186) writes "I have a nephew who is very young, but who has the techie gene — he found the Gruffalo on youtube before anyone knew he could spell. Now he's almost 4, and I was thinking of giving him my netbook (Acer running XP), which i hardly use any more. So of course I will be deleting all the porn, but what should I load up on it? Are there tools/apps that I can load up on it to protect it and him from things he shouldn't see until college? Also, what apps or games could I load on it that a 4 year old will get some use out of?"

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