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Comment: Re:I blame Beta (Score 1) 92

by kaizendojo (#46705053) Attached to: MtGox's "Transaction Malleability" Claim Dismissed By Researchers
Yes, because if you come here from an RSS link and choose to go to the classic site, you're looped right back into beta. It's more than an annoyance and it took me a few tries befoer I figured out that I was better off cut and pasting the link in direct. I'm really starting to sour on the whole experience - and since 90% of what /. posts lately is stuff that I've already seen on a number of my source feeds, the only reason to come here is for the comments - whcih beta is making it hard to get to. Give it a rest Dice. Slashdot is never going to be a major profit center. Either give it up, or lose all readership.

Comment: And if they did.... (Score 1) 226

by kaizendojo (#46685055) Attached to: Should Microsoft Give Kids Programmable Versions of Office?
all the articles would be lamenting how MS gave the kiddies the tools to hack. Maybe all these authors can get off their asses and instead of commenting how bad MS/Apple/Google/Samsung/Etc. are maybe they could do something of value to the effort themselves. Oh, that's right - it's much easier to write and point fingers.

Comment: Re:What power laser pointers are doing this? (Score 1) 445

I have a handlheld green light pen laser that runs off of two AAA cells and I can hit clouds quite easily. When demoing for friends I have to be particulary careful as my town is in the flight path of a major airport. I'm confident that if I wanted to (and I don't, of course) I could easily hit any one of the planes on approach.

Comment: Re:So, fucking what. (Score 0) 448

by kaizendojo (#46102729) Attached to: Developer Loses Single-Letter Twitter Handle Through Extortion
Run by the townships communications/PR department. Not by the cop at the front desk who is going to look at you with a blank expression and say, "So what do you want us to do about it?" For a crime to be committed, the cops need to ascribe a dollar value to the stolen item. Having had my home broken into by a relative who took only mementos - irreplacable mementos - that had no real dollar value I can tell you first hand that they are not going to call out an APB for someone's Twitter handle. If you believe that they would, then I think you are the one living in a SNL skit.