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Comment Re:new form of book burning (Score 1) 273

Well the Sony has no internet connectivity at all, so unlike the Kindle, there is no way at all for Sony to send a remote "delete" command. The two are completely different devices, by different companies. It's like refusing to run Linux because Apple is restrictive in its iPhone app store.


Review of Stardock's TweakVista 191

mikemuch writes "The new TweakVista utility from Stardock surfaces some of Vista's more obscure settings, giving access to diagnostics and making suggestions for services that you should be running. ExtremeTech's review of TweakVista generally likes the software, and though it's called version 0.9, it is for sale — $19.95 — and feels feature-complete. More suggestions on system optimization, however, would be helpful. From the review: 'According to TweakVista, on July 1st, the "Windows Shell Services DLL service took 651ms longer to shut down than usual." That's nice. Other than this stark presentation, there's no digestible information as to why the shell services DLL took over half a second longer to shut down. And there's no hint as to what to do about it.'"

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