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Comment: Re:Revolt! (Score 1) 371

by kaen (#39526891) Attached to: PlayStation 4 'Orbis' Rumors: AMD Hardware, Hostile To Used Games

I don't think the used game market is a drain on the industry. I'm much more willing to pay $60 for a game if I know that I can trade it in or sell it for $40 - $50 if I don't like it or beat it right away. If I know that I'm only going to get a couple bucks, I'll be much more reluctant to pay full price.


+ - Test: Windows 8 on an old Asus Eee netbook->

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Julie188 writes "Among the plethora of information regarding Windows 8 that Microsoft has so far disseminated is talk about a handful of optimizations meant to streamline, speed-up, or otherwise reduce Windows 8's footprint in comparison to Windows 7. So, blogger Marco Chiappetta set out to put these claims to a real world test on his old Asus Eee PC 900 netbook. The netbook didn't even meet Microsoft's minimum requirements for its W8 developer preview version. Yet Chiappetta was able to get W8 installed and running well. He logged some surprisingly good results verifying at least some of Microsoft's claims."
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by kaen (#31676962) Attached to: How To Build Roads To Control How Fast You Drive

If you are doing 50 and the speed limit is 50 and you are in the left lane, you are doing it wrong, unless you yourself are overtaking someone in the right lane.

You should be pulling over to the right lane and getting out of the way of the faster traffic. That is why they have signs saying slower traffic keep to the right.

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by kaen (#29897457) Attached to: No Hand-Held Devices In Ontario Cars

My experiences have been different in Canada. I fought a driving without undo care and attention I got when I rolled my car on a back road. I didn't beat the ticket, but I had it reduced from about 200.00 to 15.00.

My brother fought a speeding ticket that he received based on an eye witness and won that.

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by kaen (#29504809) Attached to: Net Radio Exec Says "Don't Mention Linux"

I really want to be a part of your world. Around here I get asked to do stuff such as "Can you install Microsoft for me?". Um, OK. What do you have now? "I have Windows, but I need Word."

The only other option is to buy a Mac, "but you can't play games on a Mac".

That is normal. These are really intelligent people that spend all day on a computer, but use them to do reports and budgets.

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