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Comment: Re:Pathologic, not fun; depressing (Score 1) 94

by jzono1 (#29560507) Attached to: Imagination In Games
It can be bought from gamersgate: Myself; I gave up. Couldn't stand playing it after a while. Now, over a year later I'm giving it another try. There's few games that can change one's view of gaming as a medium, Pathologic is one of them. Spend a few hours in it, and it will be remembered. Few games leave such a lasting impression.

Comment: Pathologic, not fun; depressing (Score 5, Interesting) 94

by jzono1 (#29558027) Attached to: Imagination In Games
This russian gem deserves to be mentioned. It's not fun. It's so depressing I could barely stand playing it for long stretches. 10-15 mins was enough, 30mins was horrible. The unique concept results in a game that *is* a depressive nightmare. It's unique in a way; what other game makes you feel like killing yourself - just to end your own suffering? It's absolutely brilliant, and a hell to survive through. Interesting article about it:

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