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Comment Re: Follow the money (Score 1) 211

Step 1: kickstarter needs to limit the money. Put a hard cap at (just as an example) 2x the original goal.

Many kick starters end up making so much money, that they are compelled to create a matching product on a scale for which they did not plan. Instead of building a couple hundred drones on a £125,000 budget, they were forced to increase production by an order of magnitude. They simply weren't prepared for production on that scale.

I'd wager that some feature creep found it's way into the project too. "Now that we have all this money, we can afford better rotor bearings and buggy whips..."

Comment Re:Bernie Sanders isn't effective (Score 1) 157

He also says things which are easy to (unfairly) attack, such as sticking with the term "Democratic Socialism". Socialism is closely aligned in the public's mind with Communism, the USSR and cold war, and to a lesser extend the Fascism of WWII Italy.

Those terms aren't nearly as toxic as they've been in the past. When was the last time this country fought "commies?"

WWII Italy? How many voters today are really influenced by something from the 40s and 50s?
Musolini died in 45
McCarthyism and all the "Red scare" stuff lasted well into the 50s (speaking of which, woo woo Fallout 4)
Cuban Missile Crisis was in the 60s
The wall fell in 89.

The 90s, 00s and teens have been pretty quiet on the "commies" front. Mostly just Putin riding around on horseback shirtless, trying to make the cover of Teen Beat. Anyone born in the late 70s or beyond wouldn't have much predisposition against communism, other than what they've heard crazy grandparents mumbling about.

And even those crazy grandparents would mostly be giving second-hand grumbles. The boomers were infants back in the real meat n potatoes Red Scare. Anyone who was an adult back then would be pushing 100 now.

That's not to say that espousing "socialism" isn't a risky bet. It is. It's different and different is scary. Plus it seeks to correct the oligarchy in which we currently live... toppling the moneyed oligarchs is tough when they, well, have all the money. Bernie's got a steep hill to climb, but it's not because socialism is a dirty word.

Comment Re: Going out of business ... (Score 1) 200

I would consider playboy a relatively safe venue for starlets to release professional nude photos.

We all remember the recent leak: hundreds (thousands?) of terrible quality nude selfies flooded the internet. And people went nuts for it.

There's a big market for famous people's private parts. Play boy is probably the only group with the right mix of clout and crass to make it happen

Comment Re: Hipsters fight over limited supplies of juice (Score 1) 554

Stores and restaurants do it to court the electric car market. Electric cars cost a premium up front, in return for long term benefits. The same mindset will pay a few bucks more for free range poultry, pesticide free strawberries and GMO free whole grain bread

At the corporate office, it's a ploy to get people in earlier. If you have 2 charging spots and 3 people with plug in cars, you've created an arms race. I show up 5 min early to get the plug, then you start showing up 10 min early, and the 3rd guy aims for 15 min early. On and on. Whoever relents loses the plug. You could squeeze an extra couple hours out of your employees for free, while they're focused on that jerk who took their spot

Comment Re: No (Score 1) 563

I think you hit the key point: infinite resources.

Consider the progress we've made in the last 400 years. We've gone from the very first steam powered trains to maglev. From the first refracting telescope to JWST. The pace at which we're advancing is insane, and it's only getting faster.

Just think about how utterly impossible our current tech would seem to King Charles II. Is it beyond the realm of possibility than in the next 400 years we will reach a post-scarcity society, utilizing tech that seems equally impossible to you and me?

If we ever do reach that post scarcity society, where having the shiniest car or biggest house no longer stands as a social currency, well, something else will. Trek opined on military'esque service being the social currency of the future. That part is entirely speculation, of course, but once blingy rims and fur coats can be printed for free, some other status symbol will need to take over.

Comment Re: hey, CBS doesn't promote Fox, either (Score 4, Insightful) 223

A critical difference however: neither Fox nor CBS sell the means of access.

Amazon is showing textbook Conflict of Interest.

It's getting worse, and Amazon is hardly the only culprit. Netflix original series are a problem, despite many of them being awesome shows.

How much longer until "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

Comment Re: Can steam, EA, ubisoft , etc black list you (Score 1) 74

Do you have any details on Steam mucking with accounts after a charge-back, return, etc?

I've returned several steam games and never noticed any repercussions. I've even gone so far as to buy a game specifically with intent to return it, as a form of protest (because fuck UPlay) though I didn't disclose that intent, natch.

Maybe I don't return Steam games often enough to run afoul of their nefarious ways, but I've simply never heard of such a thing from Steam.

Comment Re: Well, now we know she h8s the US Constitution (Score 2) 488

We can argue the semantics of torture later**, but your second point is significantly more important: it doesn't fucking work. Literally NONE of the intel gained during "enhanced interrogation" was actionable. They told us about old plots, wild fantasy targets, and long abandoned bases.

Meanwhile, whether or not it's technically torture is moot, because it pissed everyone off. Enemies, allies, the world at large marked it down as just another reason that America is a dick.

**I've been water boarded. Yeah it's certainly unpleasant, but it's pretty tame compared to literally anything else we call torture. When we bring back the rack, the hobbling wheel or the iron maiden, give me a buzz. You bust out the blowtorch and a pair of pliers for torture, not a wet blanky.

Comment Re:Offline mode on reinstall? (Score 1) 230

For me (strictly IMO) that risk is part of the tradeoff for the reduced prices and near-perfect memory while active

Literally every single game I've ever purchased on steam is still available. That's 200 games over the better part of a decade. What are the odds that you would be able to track 200 disks (or more, for multi-disk games) for years and years, without a single one getting scratched, lost, etc? I can't speak for everyone, but for me personally, no chance. Absolutely nope.

Yes, there's a risk. One day, Steam could go the way of the dodo, I will be at risk of losing those games. But the way I see it, I'm already in the black. I've already gotten more mileage out of these games in their "risky" digital form that I could possibly have gotten from "safe" tangible media. And that's to say nothing of the prices I've paid, which are significantly lower than retail prices.

I'm also somewhat comforted to know that I'm not alone. Not by a long shot. If Steam shutters their windows, there are going to be millions of people in the same boat (over 6 million active users at the time of writing, peaked over 10mil today.) Chances are very good that work arounds will be discovered. Ways to back-up your digital games to Blue-Ray, Flash Drive, etc and side-load them onto future machines.

To sum up: Even with all the risks and DRM, it's still better than physical media from retail outlets.

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