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Comment: Re:Just proves the point (Score 1) 1262

While GP is definitely off the mark, it's easy to see how it came to be

There are many women who confuse feminism with misandry, especially in social media.

Combine that with the fact that Anita S. is preaching a very flawed view of feminism, primarily through social media, and it's easy to lump her in with the misandrists.

Personally, I just think she's a poor researcher, and poor orator. Her underlying points have merit, but her methods are flawed, and she lacks a level of eloquence that I'm used to seeing on "professional" internet opinion blogs.

Comment: Re:The death of leniency (Score 1) 643

by jxander (#47769309) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras


The vast majority of the footage would never actually be seen. Just cataloged and stored for however long the statue of limitations is. The stuff that gets watched will be in the event of an incident or complaint.

I highly doubt many citizens will start complaining: "He let me off with a warning!! HOW DARE HE! Check the tapes, you'll see!"

Comment: Re:Illegal (Score 1) 182

by jxander (#47761629) Attached to: Uber Has a Playbook For Sabotaging Lyft, Says Report

Is that quote in TFA somewhere? I'm not seeing it, though I have a lot of their flash blocked.

As best as I can tell from the article, the entire devious plans boil down to "Book Lyft ride. Preach the gloriousness of Uber to the driver. Repeat"

So you have to wait to make sure you get a different driver. Otherwise you'd be preaching to the same driver.

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by jxander (#47665203) Attached to: 3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

Actually Detroit is a perfect example to bolster my original point.

The auto industry had such deep connections to Capitol Hill that they never had to worry about much competition. German and Japanese automobiles were stymied and lobbied and mudslung at every opportunity. The whole thing was propped up artificially by red tape and legislature. Ultimately, it wasn't sustainable. Detroit was so far behind the times that everything came crashing down around them, and we're left with the wasteland that it is today.

Had the congress critters removed themselves from the equation, and let Detroit suffer earlier, the suffering could have been significantly lower. American cars would have started to lose ground sooner, hopefully before they were completely lost causes, and just maybe caused manufacturers to get with the times and keep themselves competitive. At least they would've had a chance. Yeah, it would still have been painful. But at least the city would've stood a chance.

Now we're starting the same song and dance with Space-X. If Congress puts up the same fight for Boeing, Lockheed and Northrop that they did for GM, Ford and Chrysler, expect similar results (cough*F-35*cough) Space-X will eventually get tired of the BS and pack up. Musk is from South Africa, and he's half Canadian and half Brit... so I think he can find somewhere else to setup shop if the US government gives him enough crap. At which point, he can just sell the rockets to NASA if they're still interested, siphoning American dollars into whichever country he's working from. Oh, and this is the guy trying to revolutionize the auto industry at the same time, AND build that giga-factory which might help create some jobs... but na, lets keep the short sighted approach and make sure the middle managers in these 3 peoples' towns stay well employed, and keep their property values high.

Comment: Re:Engineers do dress well (Score 3, Insightful) 166

I think you're definitely on the right track: It's much less an opposition to dressing nicely. Rather, engineers tend to oppose things for which the only rationale is "because that's just the way we do it."

Professional business attire is acceptable when dealing with clients/customers. Makes logical sense. No opposition.
Suit and tie, to sit in a cube and churn through code all day ... makes no sense. So you'll get push back.

Anecdotally, I've noticed that this tends to be more common back east. DC to Boston, random working stiffs rocking the jacket and tie every day for no adequate reason. I worked for Intuit out in San Diego for a few years though, and engineers would quite often come to work in flip flops and board shorts (we were 10-15 min from the beach, so a long lunch of surfing was fairly common). You might be khakis and a polo shirt for important meetings. Maybe.

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by jxander (#47658853) Attached to: 3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

At least with term limits, you've a chance to get some honest ones every so often, if only by accident.

As it stands now, the big corps just find one guy who's easily purchased and bankroll him until he croaks.

Personally, I think term limits are only half of the solution. The other half is a "none of the above" voting option. In any candidate race, there should be a "None of the above" option. If that option wins, the seat is vacated and a special election is held with new candidates. Repeat as necessary until an actual winner emerges.

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