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Comment Re:Why? (Score 4, Informative) 459

Less people, mostly

There are other reasons, but really, it's all population count. 20,000 people moving to California with a united voting bloc wouldn't make a dent in that state's policies, amid the 39 million other residents. New Hampshire is just over 1 mil total population. Assuming 20,000 people displace 20,000 current residents (moving in as others move out), they'd comprise nearly 2% of the entire state.

Given the average turn out of ~50%, and assuming all of these people are active voters, within a few districts ... they could throw a serious wrench into the political gears.

Comment Well ... yeah. (Score 1) 235

Did he also speculate that water is wet? Or that fire is hot?

Nothing against Steve here, but his observation is obvious knowledge. The more we progress in tech, science, etc. the more new and creative ways we'll find to kill each other. It's been that way since cavemen first discovered that you can sharpen a stick, and I don't expect it to change anytime soon either.

That said, we're finding equally new and creative ways to survive as well. From advances in medicine to sanitation and energy production, we're increasing our own survivability at a frankly alarming pace. And the numbers bear this out; birth rates are cratering in most civilized countries, but population continues to grow.

Comment Two considerations. (Score 1) 345

There are exactly two germane points:

#1 (and this absolutely is number one) people must be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, to include both the physical and the digital realms.

#2 Law enforcement and the intelligence community must be able to do their jobs. Cops need to execute warrants when they've been properly issued. The three-letter-acronyms in DC need to keep tabs on organizations, both foreign and domestic, who wish us ill.

The second item must never infringe upon the first. For example, having rubber-stamp warrants being granted in secret is an absolute sham and clearly demonstrates the second rule running over the first.

Everything else is simply deciding the best way to execute those two tasks.

Comment Re: Follow the money (Score 1) 211

Step 1: kickstarter needs to limit the money. Put a hard cap at (just as an example) 2x the original goal.

Many kick starters end up making so much money, that they are compelled to create a matching product on a scale for which they did not plan. Instead of building a couple hundred drones on a £125,000 budget, they were forced to increase production by an order of magnitude. They simply weren't prepared for production on that scale.

I'd wager that some feature creep found it's way into the project too. "Now that we have all this money, we can afford better rotor bearings and buggy whips..."

Comment Re:Bernie Sanders isn't effective (Score 1) 157

He also says things which are easy to (unfairly) attack, such as sticking with the term "Democratic Socialism". Socialism is closely aligned in the public's mind with Communism, the USSR and cold war, and to a lesser extend the Fascism of WWII Italy.

Those terms aren't nearly as toxic as they've been in the past. When was the last time this country fought "commies?"

WWII Italy? How many voters today are really influenced by something from the 40s and 50s?
Musolini died in 45
McCarthyism and all the "Red scare" stuff lasted well into the 50s (speaking of which, woo woo Fallout 4)
Cuban Missile Crisis was in the 60s
The wall fell in 89.

The 90s, 00s and teens have been pretty quiet on the "commies" front. Mostly just Putin riding around on horseback shirtless, trying to make the cover of Teen Beat. Anyone born in the late 70s or beyond wouldn't have much predisposition against communism, other than what they've heard crazy grandparents mumbling about.

And even those crazy grandparents would mostly be giving second-hand grumbles. The boomers were infants back in the real meat n potatoes Red Scare. Anyone who was an adult back then would be pushing 100 now.

That's not to say that espousing "socialism" isn't a risky bet. It is. It's different and different is scary. Plus it seeks to correct the oligarchy in which we currently live... toppling the moneyed oligarchs is tough when they, well, have all the money. Bernie's got a steep hill to climb, but it's not because socialism is a dirty word.

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