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Comment: Re:Actually - This Perfect Day (Score 1) 532

by jwhitener (#49120943) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

Or another Scifi outcome - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forever_Peace

Marty Larrin, one of the inventors of jacking technology, recruits Julian and Blaze in an attempt to using this technology to end war for all time; a little-known secret is that jacking with someone else for a long enough period (about two weeks) will psychologically eliminate the ability to kill another human being. By "humanizing" the entire world, dangerous technology would not be a problem for human survival. They do so, stop the particle accelerator's construction, and war is eventually stopped.

Comment: Re:Battle for mindshare, or for page hits? (Score 1) 319

by jwhitener (#49098593) Attached to: Java Vs. Node.js: Epic Battle For Dev Mindshare

I think one of the problems is that node works very well for certain types of apps, but it isn't as useful (or sensible) for other types of apps. For instance, I attended a conference where a University developer described how they created an event, messaging, and api system layer over their services using node. It seemed really well suited to that task. Lost of concurrency, etc..

So maybe the developers you associate with are doing work that doesn't benefit from the features that node offers. It is really hard to talk about how useful a new platform is without keeping the task comparison equal.

Comment: Re:This can help (Score 1) 343

by jwhitener (#49097577) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Version Control For Non-Developers?

Not sure why this is insightful. Has Google ever shutdown a service that is in widespread use by businesses and education? You have to remember that for the major power users of Google services, they are not getting them for free (well, edu is free, but business is not). https://www.google.com/work/apps/business/pricing.html .

And as a developer, I haven't had any trouble using even deprecated API's in over 5 years.

Comment: Re:Technology can NOT eliminate work. (Score 1) 389

by jwhitener (#49092175) Attached to: What To Do After Robots Take Your Job

"That's ignoring U6.....before all the definitional changes"

If you are getting your info from Fox news / conservative radio shows, I won't bother trying to change your mind by running through the de-bunking info.

If you are not getting your news from biased sources and are open to learning, please look into this further. Because you are wrong. This "ignoring the U6" and the "definitions have changed" is just flat out wrong. The job numbers are being measured exactly like they have been since Reagan. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is consistent.

Comment: Re:I can't imagine the Tesla ever being "affordabl (Score 1) 257

by jwhitener (#49091983) Attached to: Tesla Factory Racing To Retool For New Models


Unfortunately, when you get past a certain price point, the monthly payment is just not possible for most people. Model S is 972 dollars per month for a 5 year loan at 3%.

If more people saved money and could buy it outright, it would make more sense. But that will always be the minority of people. Electric won't go mainstream until you see leases/loans on the order of a Camry (200-300 a month).

Comment: Re:slashdot? (Score 1) 467

by jwhitener (#49083913) Attached to: Twitter CEO: "We Suck" At Dealing With Trolls, Vows To Kick Them Out

"There's a difference between disagreeing and actually having an invalid, inaccurate or flaming comment."

Sometimes even if a post is worded nicely, the disagreement can be so absurd that you might as well mod it down, because the person is either trolling or so ignorant as to provide no value to the conversation.

For example, sometimes I see posts in global climate change threads that are the equivalent to saying "The sun revolves around the earth", and they are modded +5 insightful because of ideology, not scientific accuracy. I have no problems modding those types of posts down, even if they seem like a mere disagreement to the lay person.

Comment: Re:The sad part? (Score 1) 577

by jwhitener (#48985365) Attached to: DEA Planned To Monitor Cars Parked At Gun Shows Using License Plate Readers

SCOTUS also said owning slaves was ok. just because SCOTUS says something does not make it constitutional

You need to pick a word other than "constitutional". Because by legal definition, when SCOTUS says something is constitutional, it really is legally constitutional.

" just because SCOTUS says something does not make it moral"
" just because SCOTUS says something does not make it right"
" just because SCOTUS says something does not make it correct"

Comment: Re:What are the practical results of this? (Score 1) 430

by jwhitener (#48944065) Attached to: FCC Officially Approves Change In the Definition of Broadband

People mention the Kochs because they do a lot more than just donate money. They organize an extensive network of donations, as well as do real political activism. For instance, they payed for buses in order to bring more people to tea party rallies. They also do interviews with the news quite often and speak very candidly about their political views.

In short, they are basically the "poster child" of rich people attempting to influence politics. You'd think they have no other hobbies.

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