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Comment: It's always entertaining (Score 1) 276

by justkeeper (#31188384) Attached to: Mozilla Debates Whether To Trust Chinese CA
To see a bunch of Americans arguing about Chinese issues(threats, human rights) based on their ridiculous perceptions, twice more entertaining when it's a bunch of Slashdot geeks doing this. I'm always amazed to find out despite someone calling the two countries G2, how little poeple from both countries know each other.

Comment: I'm very glad that Sergey Brin realized this (Score 1) 103

by justkeeper (#31136708) Attached to: Still Remains In China
"I think that the Chinese government has tens of millions of people in it. If you look at the army, the associated army, and whatnot, that's larger than most countries by far. So even if there were a Chinese government agent behind it, you know, it might represent a fragment of policy, as it were." from TFA

Comment: That prove it again (Score 1) 181

by justkeeper (#30815710) Attached to: Google Investigating Chinese Employees
That Google's plug-pulling is more about IP theft concern rather than any kind of moral concern. Otherwise where was Google's moral concern when NSA was found out to be monitoring (or spying on) all communications going in and out of the U.S?(Don't tell me Google wasn't affected). Meanwhile, I'm surprised to find out that keywords like "tiananmen", "massacre", "Mao Zedong" are searchable with from within China(confirmed in two far-away locations), which means GFW is not blocking them. Maybe there is some progress on the negotiations between Google and CCP?

Comment: I would like to remind people here (Score 1) 515

by justkeeper (#30760972) Attached to: Attack Part of a Broad Spying Effort
that such espionage activities might be wroks of some overenthusiastic intelligent people, which are not known to top Chinese leadership. A statement by U.S secretary will be necessary to get their attentions. Anyone who has some memory about the 1989 Iran-Contra affairs will know what I'm talking about.

Comment: Re:Good for you, Google (Score 1) 300

by justkeeper (#30760860) Attached to: Has Already Lifted Censorship
That's why we call you "stupid Americans". Take a minute to calculate how many people will be killed in a civil war breaking out in a country with 1.3 billion population and all kinds of modern weapons to give yourself a little bit more clue. We had numerous civil wars killing more than millions in the last millenium, we don't want another one. And we had two revolutions in last century, each initiated by people who claimed to want to democratize China,yet bringing us one more dictatorship, thus we also don't believe that new revolution could bring any fundamental changes. In the contrast, it's actually economic reform in a peaceful environment bringing Chinese people more benefits and civil rights than they ever had.

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