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Comment: It works this way (Score 3, Informative) 572

by justinmoo (#15428698) Attached to: EU Court Blocks Passenger Data Deal with U.S.
Hmmm, the /. article incorecctly states 15 minutes before flight departure, the Beeb, have their facts correct. The APIS message (current message between Canada and the US) must be sent with 15 minutes of actual departure e.g. the plane is moving. I'm not clear if this means DOOR CLOSE,TAXI or what ever the message is from FliteData type of systems). So, Canada and the US do this now, and have done for a while. If the EEC court does not like this, stay in the EEC. For the record, I am a Brit living in Calgary, Canada, who has just started working on an airline IT project.

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