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Comment: Re:I got tons of Romney calls (Score 4, Interesting) 578

Yeah, I got so sick of the Romney calls that I put an IVR on my home phone line that prompted to press 1 to talk to a human, and hung up if they didn't dial anything, without ringing my phones or letting them leave voicemail. According to my logs that blocked 8 calls (the callerID on each was either unknown, or did point at a known Republican call center) during the 24 hours leading up to the election.

Comment: Re:Pascal (history, not recommendation) (Score 1) 510

by justdave72 (#36558794) Attached to: Learning Programming In a Post-BASIC World
All of the things I always saw bandied about as reasons to use Pascal are now frequently tossed around as reasons to use Python. As far as I can tell, within the circles that always promoted it, Python seems to have replaced Pascal. I don't get around a whole lot though, so "as far as I can tell" isn't very far. ;)

Comment: Re:Was also defaced? (Score 3, Informative) 292

by justdave72 (#13079122) Attached to: Firefox Community Site Hacked
No, is an official Mozilla FTP mirror (one of about 80 or so). For probably obvious reasons a lot of businesses probably block any access to that domain though. The download link on will send you to a random server off the mirrors list when you click it, so just try again and you'll probably get it from a different server.

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