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Comment: Bring back sabbaticals & get rid of lazy manag (Score 1) 177

One of the things bean counters got rid of is the extended paid sabbatical, companies should bring it back!! It encourages two things: cross training and extended personal reflection (that leads to transitions). By bringing these back companies would encourage those who are ready to leave to leave on their own (instead of hanging around doing the bare minimum) and those who want to stay to be invigorated and ready for more focused work.

Second get rid of the lazy manager, managers that use ranking systems to determine the quality of their workforce don't spend the time to really get to know their employees and instead focus on serving the bureaucracy of the company. If you can't trust your managers to manage or grow the staff, get rid of them.

Comment: Re:Missing option: (Score 1) 443

by justcauseisjustthat (#45228295) Attached to: I wish my car could...

The car should see 360 and be able to react in a fraction of a second, the car should see the child and react faster than a human.

I see within 10 yrs a car that can drive me to the airport, drop me off and then drive itself home. Once I return from my trip I summon it to pick me up and go home (being drunk from flying first class I simply crawl in the back seat and enjoy). On the other hand I'm not sure I'm ready for a pilotless commercial jets :-)

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