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Comment Re:Camera Pills getting small (Score 3, Interesting) 127

Totally agree, although I was being comical, I was also serious. As an individual who is required to have a colonoscopy every 2 yrs, this would be nice alternative. Also the smaller size would translate to less chance of the pills getting stuck in the small or large intestine, hopefully.

Comment Camera Pills getting small (Score 4, Funny) 127

This would be huge for camera pills and colonoscopy cameras, imagine swallowing 3-6 camera pills (no bigger that a standard capsule pill) of these and they stream back a continue set of pictures as they travel from the mouth until they pass through the butt. This would be the shit!!!

Comment Password length = data protected (Score 1) 74

I've used 4 digit passwords on sites that store nothing besides my email, name, corp address and nothing of true significance. On the otherhand I'll use the maximum allowed digits for banking and commerce sites. What blows my mind, is a site that doesn't allow unicode character set and more than 12 digits.

Comment Call me paranoid but this was industrial espionage (Score 1) 147

The E. coli outbreak is targeted at the company loudest about antibiotic free, additive free, non-GMO foods. The things Chipotle was doing were causing waves in the restaurant and agriculture businesses that one or more players didn't like. This E. coli outbreak has set that back years, people now question whether it was the right move by Chipotle. If they looked they will find this started as a crime.

Comment The Three Modes (of robotic/autonomous vehicles) (Score 1) 142

Car moving forward should have three modes:
1) autopilot - the user need do nothing except enter destination/route and the user can be anywhere in the car, liability for accidents etc is the car manufacture
2) accident avoidance - the user is in control, but the car will not allow an accident to happen, liability for accidents etc is the car manufacture
3) manual - user is in complete control and can do damage, liability for accidents etc is the current driver
This allows for those that want to drive, to be able to drive but also has the advantage of lower accident rates and even allows for people to sleep, read and/or TXT.

I love that Tesla is pushing it forward and being loud (mistakes will happen without a doubt), Google (and others only autonomous vehicles) will have there place in taxi service, semi-trucks, etc) but for a majority the Three Modes vehicles will be a majority.

PS DUI's go away, distracted driving (TXTing, reading, eating, putting on makeup) issues go away, accidents are reduced dramatically (but will never be perfect).

Comment Bet u another battery tech will beat both in price (Score 3, Insightful) 130

I bet you another battery tech will beat both in price and performance, over the next 5 years battery tech is going to take off (it's already started) and what we use today will be primitive in comparison.

Not to mention fusion will finally be feasible which will spin this whole discussion.

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