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+ - AAA battery plus new electrocatalyst (cheap & durable)

Submitted by justcauseisjustthat
justcauseisjustthat (1150803) writes "As published in Nature last month Stanford researches have developed a new electrocatalyst that using just a AAA battery can convert water to hydrogen. With this cheap, abundant and durable solution could this pave the way to a hydrogen based transportation and power system. Could current cars be retrofitted to convert water to hydrogen inline , fill your gas tank with water, filter out impurities and use the electrocatalyst to make hydrogen in real time (no storage of hydrogen)."

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by justcauseisjustthat (#47896289) Attached to: Medical Milestone: Scientists Reset Human Stem Cells
I can understand the cynicism , but allow the early adopters to pay the extremely high prices so that better and better, less expensive versions and techniques can be made.

The amazing thing about nature, it will always find a way to kill you! Sooner or later she's going to get you. Appreciate the beauty :-)

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