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Comment Bet u another battery tech will beat both in price (Score 3, Insightful) 130

I bet you another battery tech will beat both in price and performance, over the next 5 years battery tech is going to take off (it's already started) and what we use today will be primitive in comparison.

Not to mention fusion will finally be feasible which will spin this whole discussion.

Comment Not new for tech but it does need to change (Score 1) 211

This is not new for tech companies, they will drive you and drive you.
Without regulations regarding hours worked and after hours email, phone, etc it will never change.

Executive will not change as long as they can cut staffing and increase their pay.

Comment Re:Money *needs* to be removed from Politics ... (Score 1) 181

A more textbook example of a violation of the first amendment, and the reason why the first amendment is necessary in the first place, would be hard to find.

If the person has money they still can buy billboard, commercials, etc if they have an opinion, so they still have their freedom of speech right. I don't remember the amendment where the right to spend money on your own election is...

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