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Comment: Re:Managers need an algorithm for that? (Score 2) 210

Subtle things like...
- Not being so darn stubborn when a salesperson sells a 12 month project to be delivered in 3 months.
- Taking up leave days, even though running behind on schedule.
- No longer working late or taking work home.
- Generally being cheerful and somehow more "care free".

So other than the first point, an employee is about to leave when they try to strike some kind of sensible work life balance... says something pretty sad about our industry.

Comment: Re:3D Printing, still not very useful (Score 1) 117

Toy... or a rapid prototyping device that can speed up development of a manufactured product, saving the company fairly large sums of money and more importantly time (as more companies succeed or fail by being first to market).

I know which one my company views 3D printing as.

Comment: Re:Android is a toy (Score 1) 163

by just another AC (#41293571) Attached to: Toys R Us Unveils Android Tablet For Kids

That almost makes sense, were it not for the fact that the comparison fails here as you can get a fully functional (arguably more functional, better performing) laptop at the same price, if not less than many of the tablets out there (Sub-$400 Sandy bridge core i5's).

Your comparison fails. In this case it is specialist functionality (ie child compatible) not price to regular functionality. The more accurate comparison is saying I can get an "arguably more functional better performing" second hand car for $5000 compared to a specialist functionality road racing bicycle (eg tour de france spec) for $15,000

Comment: Re:Ethics (Score 1) 840

dystopian movies about two-class societies emerging from genetics.

How about 2 class societies emerging from corporatism, corrupt politicians, and "old boys" networks. Reality is not much better for the lower classes than in those movies.

Little social mobility: check
Limited freedoms for those on the bottom: check
Different set of rules/application of laws for those on top: check
No power for majority to change this without complete upheaval: check

Comment: yay for software patents (Score 3, Insightful) 404

by just another AC (#41034871) Attached to: Google Seeks US Ban On iPhones, iPads, Macs

here we go again...

when will someone get the balls to hit the destruct button on the broken patent industry. I'm tired of reading about it, yet alone trying to keep abreast of it.

PS haven't RTFA but I am assuming this is another trivial software patent (although with MM there is a chance it is a valid hardware patent)

Comment: Re:Is it true that Chinese girl pass all drug test (Score 1) 559

by just another AC (#40860821) Attached to: The Tricky Science of Olympic Gender Testing

swimming which is the only sport measured to the thousand-of-a-second.

umm... short memory. I recall a long debate on slashdot 48 hours ago, about the timing accuracy of the starting gun in running events and detecting false starts down to the accuracy of 10,000th's and finer.

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