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Comment: Re:Pretty Interesting (Score 1) 142

by junktext (#46897723) Attached to: The Guy Who Unknowingly 'Live-Blogged' the Bin Laden Raid
I hear you. But, you could create that story about the cops as a "historical analysis"! I'd read it and I think others should too in order to judge how well their authorities are competently applying justice. I think in some ways the article about the Bin Laden blogger was most interesting in how he criticized the media later on, which couldn't have been easily made into a news story at the time.

Comment: Linux Gaming Request: Half-Life 1 & Dawn of Wa (Score 1) 951

by junktext (#42048511) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Video Games Keep You From Using Linux?
Yup, seriously. I still play on the Half-Life 1 engine (Natural Selection 1 and Team Fortress Classic) and I still love Dawn of War 1.

If these ran natively on Linux, I would be using Linux constantly. Yes, I know Wine can generally run both games, but I've tried it and there are some glitches and other annoyances that were not present when playing on Windows (i.e., Alt+Tab, sound problems, and added CPU latency).

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