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Comment: Not (Necessarily) All Bad (Score 1) 816

by jumperboy (#24151375) Attached to: The Very Worst Uses of Windows

I'm also taking advantage of VMWare to run Windows, but my goal is to reduce its footprint in my network, not increase it. For example, one VM is being prepared to only process documents with Office 2007 and Acrobat Professional. It's available via Remote Desktop and will never be used to access the Internet for anything other than software/security updates. Yes, the security of this system is hanging on a policy decision, but more secure and pleasurable environments are available in my network for web surfing and email (mainly Linux and OS X), so this isn't a burden at all. In fact, it's a welcome relief, since I can now archive images of the VM to restore whenever a software upgrade disrupts Windows (the main incentive for this move). There's no reason the same can't be done in a lot of environments using thin/fat linux clients and a Windows Terminal Server. Even nontechnical users can browse locally on Linux with Firefox and click an icon to run a Remote Desktop client for Windows-only tasks.

The Internet

+ - NTP Pool: 1000 Servers serving time->

Submitted by
hgerstung writes "This weekend the NTP Pool Project reached the 1000-servers-in-the-pool mark. That means that in less than two years the number of servers has doubled. This is happy news, but the "time backbone" of the Internet, provided for free by volunteers operating a NTP server, requires more people to contribute their NTP server to the pool in order to cope with the demand. Millions of users are using the pool for synchronizing their PCs system clock and a number of popular Linux distributions are using the NTP pool servers as a time source in their default ntp configuration.

If you have a static IP address and your PC is always connected to the Internet, please consider joining the pool. Bandwith is not an issue and you will barely notice the extra load on your machine."

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