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Comment: Re:Winning gold at the scam olympics (Score 2, Informative) 216

by julien dot (#30095424) Attached to: BlueHippo Scam Collected $15M, Only Shipped One PC

So they have your SSN for the user name. Just think of what they could do if they knew your mother's maiden name! Oh never mind, that's the password!

Don't worry if you're having trouble logging in, you can also use your bank account number.

Operating Systems

+ - SCO loses - finally 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The one summary judgement that puts a stick into SCO's spokes has just come down. SCO doesn't own the Unix copyrights. With that one decision, a whole bunch of other decisions will fall like dominoes. As PJ says, "That's Aaaaall, Folks!".

Hot off the presses: Judge Dale Kimball has issued a 102-page ruling [PDF] on the numerous summary judgment motions in SCO v. Novell. Here is what matters most: [T]he court concludes that Novell is the owner of the UNIX and UnixWare Copyrights. That's Aaaaall, Folks! If anyone can please put this into text for us, that'd be simply great. 65237718#comments"

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