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Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 785

"... systemd isn't a solution for end-users, which is why you don't see any substantial changes. Its a solution for *developers*, freeing them from having to deal with the mountain of hacks, kludges..."

As an end user with desktop, laptop and a home server I notice systemd has proven to be useful. The transition from sysv to systemd in Debian testing was not much fun to experience but the end result is great. I get obviously faster boot times and also faster shutdowns. Occasionally I compile from source and install something I want to run at boot. Getting sysv init scripts just right was not always easy. I expected systemd to be similarly arcane; in fact it is really easy to write a systemd unit file and to add your daemon to the system startup.

For example to add a calibre ebook server to my home server init system I just added the following to /lib/systemd/system/calibre.service and then ran `systemctl enable calibre.service`

Description=Calibre Service

ExecStart=/usr/bin/calibre-server \
                --daemonize \
                --username=julian \
                --pidfile=/home/julian/ \

I think to any *nix user who has even a rudimentary understanding of how processes are described/presented in *nix and how command line options and arguments are input then this is *very* easy to understand. Just by looking at an existing service file of a familiar application you can understand how to integrate something new. It's all there in plain text. That feels very unix-like to me.

Anyway I'm fine with systemd. I hated it for a little while while running a testing system which was gradually moving from sysv to systemd but now I really can't complain.

And to any whiners: it's free software so the answer is not to complain but to contribute to an alternative or even just continue to use an OS which allows you to choose something else. Gentoo and Funtoo come to mind and would seem to be ideal for people who are insufferably picky and always right (no offence to gentoo or funtoo, I like them a lot, but I think I would enjoy watching people who are never, ever wrong and always know exactly what they need trying them out).

Comment Re:"fart fart fart" (Score 1) 688

If I had mod points you would get some positivity from me.

Both Garrett & Sharp make reckless, decontextualised and highly aggressive allegations (see Garret vs Tso and Sharp vs Torvalds/Molnar on mailing list). Not micro-aggressions (whatever those are) but really nasty, disingenuous, slanderous attacks full of misrepresentation and bile, sometimes introducing very ripe language where it wasn't already present. But if you want to disagree with these two saints they reserve the right to only acknowledge disagreement that they don't really disagree with. Everything else on their blogs gets replaced with "fart fart fart fart" and the author is automatically disparaged/ridiculed. These two behave like spoiled children or little lords but claim the moral high ground!

I appreciate that both these characters made and perhaps continue to make contributions which benefit others. However, that doesn't make them unique, nor irreplaceable, nor does it give them the right to insist that other people comply with their personal tastes.

I've read several threads on lkml where Torvalds and Sharp or Torvalds and Garrett (and others). Sharp comes across as someone energetically and actively seeking to find offence, while Garrett gives the impression of someone actively seeking to deliberately misunderstand plain English in order to be able to shout down others while pointing and blaming (it's a time tested method of implying one is of better character than the "heretics" or the "wicked").

In contrast, in those same threads, Torvalds comes across as someone expressing his views with a great deal of humour and not a little patience. When he blows his top it's not on social issues, it's because people are either being lazy/careless, or trying to use Linux as a platform for social evangelism.

I really doubt Linux or Linus will miss Sharp or Garrett, either in terms of code or in terms of sub-machiavellian mailing list attention seeking.

For the record I think Sharp is a dick and Garrett is a pussy.

Comment Re:NIH? (Score 4, Interesting) 97

....that's right...despite it being extraordinarily similar to those devices, and targeted at an extraordinarily similar market and for actually identical's in no way competing! *cough*



Excuse me. I seem to have developed a *cough*. But each *cough* is entirely unique and unrealted to the previous *cough*.

There is only one real *cough* in this comment. Any fool can tell the difference.

Comment The difference... (Score 4, Insightful) 97

The real difference between the BBC Micro of 1981 and the BBC Micro Bit of 2015 is 34 years of changes in society and technology.

I was at school when the first BBC Micro appeared. My school built a special computer laboratory to accommodate two of these mystical devices! (they forgot to add burglar alarms and decent locks so it all got stolen). A year later the school acquired a ZX Spectrum which was housed with the science block. It was all very exciting, such that it occasionally and temporarily displaced burning interests in alcohol, cigarettes and certain photo journalism features of traditionally attired ladies in National Geographic magazine.

The BBC has a remit (to educate, entertain, inform). But this is not 1981. Which UK home that contains a person stimulated by maths, technology or computers science does not also already have a PC or and Android device?

This looks a lot like the BBC puffing itself up, and trying to needlessly and damagingly compete with people who are already informing, educating and entertaining, in much the same way that they are destroying the independent local press in the UK and crushing small production companies. George Osborne was not kidding when he described the BBC's ambitions and actions as having an imperial taint. If there is one thing an empire cannot tolerate it is an entity which offers an alterantive, however good, bad, big or small.

Comment It doesn't even matter (Score 1) 301

I'd be surprised if even one person had ever been prosecuted for ripping a CD for personal use. Commercial use/bootlegging/counterfeiting - of course. But I have never even heard or read of anyone suffering any penalty for ripping a CD for themselves. How would it be detected? Who would care? It's a civil matter so there is no involvement of the police or the state. How would the rights holder(s) ever detect the event of a copy being made, or be able to prove the provenance or a copy "discovered"?

In short it's a nice bit of make work for the lawyers and is of zero concern to everyone else.

btw I used to work at a regional police HQ and the gym CD player ran on ripped CDs and home burned compilations ha ha ha. Nobody gives a fuck - not the politicians, not the police, not the magistrates, not the state, not the performers - only the music industry lawyers.

But if anyone can cite even one verifiable instance of a person in England or Wales being sued, successfully or otherwise, for ripping an audio CD for personal use please, please, please post a link.

Comment Re:UK ISPs cause DoS (Score 1) 160

Still no facts.

But more angry outbursts.

You resort again and again to personal abuse. You seem to be a very immoderate person, evidently prone to an alarming lack of self control and emotional incontinence.

Your only resolve appears to be in avoiding trying to support your plainly ridiculous assertion with actual evidence.

If you have any useful facts or evidence to support your exciting conspiracy theory do please publish it.



Comment Re:UK ISPs cause DoS (Score 1) 160

That's a very long excuse.

Perhaps if you had any facts or evidence to hand you might not have needed the evasions and colourful insults?

As things stand you've made a ridiculous allegation of conspiracy by ISP and that wicked government, despite there patently not being one as some of the biggest ISPs don't clearly aren't in on the big secret.

When asked to provide any facts or evidence you become evasive and overwrought while hurling allegations of mental immaturity and so on.

So far you're neither convincing nor credible.

You are indeed a bog standard leftist, merely recycling the same old boiler plate imbecilities in the same old ways.

Remember: four legs good, two legs better!

Comment Re:UK ISPs cause DoS (Score 1) 160

Is that rant supposed to a substitute for some facts to support your exciting conspiracy theory?

It looks a lot like a noisy diversion.

I hit the nail right on the head in spotting you for a standard issue, unthinking, leftist trotting out the usual self pitying, drama queen conspiracy crap.

Facts please. Or you're just another conspiracy theory nutjob.

Comment Re:UK ISPs cause DoS (Score 1) 160

"I'd wager a deal was done between music industry, government and ISPs - it seems that the government has promised not to enforce net neutrality on ISPs so that they can filter, throttle, and block at will as long as ISPs agree to bow down to the whims ......"

boiler plate paranoid drivel straight out of "Leftist Whining for Beginners", totally speculative and with not one piece of supporting data.

I'm on TalkTalk, one of the biggest ISPs in UK. Apparently they weren't in on this soopa sikrit big conspiracee because I can access and even without needing a proxy.

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