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Journal Journal: 5th try smoking and the workplace

The BBC is reporting that four workers in the U.S. have been sacked after refusing to take a test to determine if they were tobacco smokers.
They were employees of Michigan-based healthcare firm Weyco, which introduced a policy banning its staff from smoking - even away from the workplace. Weyco says it is to keep health costs down, opponents say the move is a violation of workers' rights.

and to think they used to give away cigarettes to hospitilized veterans
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Journal Journal: pending

juggledean writes " Infineon Technologies have built a flash memory cell with a 20 nanometer-wide gate. That's only about four times wider than the biological ion channels that control the flow of electricity in nerves. The FinFET needs about 100 electrons to change its state." The ion channels change state with about 12 charges

Journal Journal: rejected ...

Waving Copenhagen Good-bye Thursday August 05, @01:24PM Rejected

This was a good one, I don't know why it was rejected. I guess I don't have enough karma or something. Albert would have liked it, so would Neils.

The New Scientist(7 day free trial) ran an article about an experiment that claimed to overthrow Bohr's complementarity principle. By putting a wire grid where the minima should have been in a double slit experiment and not observing a change in the particle nature of the light, this experiment said (IMO) you could see light as both particles and waves at the same time.

Analog Science Fiction wrote an article on it and Kathryn Cramer had some info on it with scans of some of the New Scientist article.

To me is seems like a complement to complementarity, a cool experiment but not one that needs to be seen as threatening a world view.


Journal Journal: Hello world

This will go down on your permanent record.

I've been lurking for years and rarely posting anonymously

I haven't gained confidence in all the options, the feedback doesn't always seem appropriate but I'm guessing this will come with experience

I haven't looked at anyone elses journal. This is a test. It is only a test. If it were a real journal entry ...

6 Aug. It looks like I can edit ex post facto

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