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Comment: Re:They had to Queue? (Score 1) 233

by judugrovee (#30682602) Attached to: 2010 Bug Plagues Germany
I think, you are right, supposing him to add a German sound to it. Maybe some related information. a british -> ein Brite british -> britisch a british man -> ein britischer Mann There you could have your "britischer"; it's the indefinite, male adjective of "britisch". Maybe in spoken language, it could appear alone. In a sentence comparable to this: "A German guy would never queue up; a british (guy) would." Ommitting the noun to avoid redundancy, the stand-alone adjective would be "britischer" in the German sentence. But it's not proper Grammar, of course.

Comment: Re:Revenge at last (Score 0, Flamebait) 233

by judugrovee (#30682070) Attached to: 2010 Bug Plagues Germany
65 years - you know, that's pretty fast... considering that they are french.
And regarding the subtleness, the plan is almost heroic... for a french.

Actually, I would like to have another nationality, cause right know, telling you that I'm German looks like as if I'm racist...
Understand me, people! I couldn't get money since January 1st! We are eating our shoes over here!!! It's all desperation which brings me so far! Waargh!!!

You had your revenge, please upload the Patch!!!

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