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Comment Well at least they have the D2D excuse with XP (Score 1) 438 438

The could probably backport D2D but a lot of those older XP machines have lousy GPUs anyways. But you make a good point about XP being sold in 2009. I think they should have made a non-D2D version of IE9 for XP. There are a lot of users that only upgrade their browser through Windows update.

Comment Re:API differences are minimal (Score 1) 438 438

It will be more than a version check, they'll make use of the .01% difference. But they could easily do a version check to rem out the Win7 features.

They're trying to encourage OS upgrades since that is where the money is. I'm not saying it is a good strategy, I can understand not wanting to support XP but with Vista they are going to piss a lot of customers off. I doubt it will be worth the negative PR.

Comment I doubt IE6 users click on many ads (Score 1) 438 438

or buy much online.

You are absolutely right that web developers need to get tough with them. Don't even give them the option of viewing a broken website, use the IE6update script or autoforward them to the IE8 homepage. Web devs need to take more responsibility.

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