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Comment: As Bob Marley said (Score 1) 478

by jtrainmf (#33603142) Attached to: 72% of US Adults Support Violent-Game Ban For Minors
The Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Roman Gladiators, Holocaust, etc...= real human killing. Video Games = takes place after all these violent events, oh and its not real! As Bob Marley said lets not lie to our children. I think the Simpsons had an episode involving the banning of Itchy and Scratchy where the same idea was presented. Damn it Marge!

Comment: Re:Before you do it (Score 1) 1186

by jtrainmf (#32745022) Attached to: Tattoos For the Math and Science Geek?
Finally some equations, had to get through enough b.s. How about Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Delta x=h/Delta p, where h is Planks constant p is momentum and x is distance. This must hold or quantum mechanics falls apart. I like the math equations above as well. Maybe Bernoulli's number would be fun too.

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