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Comment: How about a one-way enable? (Score 1) 210

by jtgd (#42430363) Attached to: FSF Does Want Secure Boot; They Just Want It Under User Control
What if computers were shipped with the Secure Boot disabled, and then a BIOS setting would allow it to be enabled? Then Linux users could use it normally, and Windows users could switch it on. You would have no option to disable it once it was enabled so it would remain "secure" for the Windows folks.

Comment: Re:Censorship (Score 1) 204

by jtgd (#42143585) Attached to: Newzbin2 Closes For Good

If you got rid of corporations, you'd basically destroy the economy, and prevent a new one from growing.

Well I (and I think most people) don't want to get rid of corporations, I just want to get rid of my government being run by corporations. Would it destroy our economy to have our representatives beholden solely to the citizens that elected them?

Comment: Too little resolution (Score 1) 626

by jtgd (#29968518) Attached to: Why Computers Suck At Math
You are on to the problem - lack of resolution - but a little off in the numbers.

At 687 meters in 0.3433 seconds it is traveling 2000 m/s. So with only 0.1 second accuracy you can only get within +/- 200 meters. Even if there were no floating point conversion error, or accumulation of errors, 0.1 second is simply not enough resolution of time to intercept the missile.

How could they ever think this would work?

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