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Comment: And MS Sync is nowhere to be found (Score 1) 126

by jstroebe (#47265151) Attached to: Google To Take On Apple's CarPlay
Microsoft has had a pretty cool system in cars for a while, MS Sync. Yet much like their initial smart phone line (think Windows Pocket PC Phone), it felt like they put a half ass effort in and never did anything to push it forward. I can see this happening again, only to have them try to play catch up later, with the 'Surface Radio'

Comment: sony and lack of QC (Score 5, Interesting) 316

by jstroebe (#13762075) Attached to: Digital Camera Failures
Maybe I'm the only one, but I've vowed to stop buying Sony products after the last two things I've bought from them have been total pieces of S#!t. I had a Vaio laptop that lasted a year, and a camcorder that didn't last much longer. The name Sony use to be one I related to quality but anymore I steer clear.

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