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Comment Re:If he really wants to enable "the cloud" (Score 1) 49

We've been using Oracle VM in production for years with very few issues. Their management software is total garbage, but it's still xen underneath which has been very solid for us. We've used xen for our virtualization of non-production servers well before Oracle came out with their product, so I use the command line to manage vm's more than that horrible web app. When Oracle offered support their database running on what amounts to xen with Oracle branding, we moved over and haven't looked back.

Comment Re:KVM (Score 1) 268

You put your virtualization on the new machines not on the hand-me-down stuff, silly. Your old machines weren't speced for them.

No, technically they weren't. But the specs fit the need.

PS: This is one reason businesses lease servers instead of buy them. It makes it easy to cycle out the old junk every few years.

Very true. But the cost of buying out the lease of existing servers to use as dom0's was more cost effective than leasing new servers that would be overkill for the entire length of the lease. It's cost justification. Next leasing cycle, specs need to be re-evaluated.

If the CPU doesn't have hardware VM built on it, it isn't an ideal candidate for serving virtual machines period.

Wrong. The CPU's still work great with paravirtualization for creating linux vm's. Just because everyone tends to ignore xen's ability to paravirtualize, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. It works very well and is very ideal for some needs.

Comment Re:KVM (Score 1) 268

Why would I want to spend money on buying new servers when the ones I own already work fine? Just because the next servers I buy will probably have vt-x, doesn't change the fact that the ones I currently own don't.

Using the argument that people just need to upgrade their hardware is garbage. Virtualization is supposed to CUT costs, not incur new hardware costs. The fact that I could take old machines that have run their course as database servers and convert them into several virtual machines for more lightweight stuff (web,dns,ldap,etc.) is what drew me into virtualization in the first place.

Comment Re:Isn't everyone like just using KVM? (Score 2, Informative) 88

No, those of use with older servers (without vmx/svm processors) are not. The machines work just fine and XEN allows us to paravirtualize several linux machines on each one. Unfortunately RedHat has lost sight of those customers. As far as I'm aware KVM still requires the intel vt/amd-v technologies to create any guests, which XEN only requires for HVM guests (i.e. windows).

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