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Comment: Re:Problem is (Score 1) 252

by jsoderba (#31008430) Attached to: OpenOffice Tops 21% Market Share In Germany
But GIMP and OOo are not designed or intended to be "basic" tools. They both aim to be full-featured, professional-level applications, and it is natural to compare them to their most important competitors. (This does not mean they have to be clones, of course. GIMP has quite a different UI than Photoshop, even though it tries to have roughly the same functionality.)

Comment: Re:This makes sense (Score 1) 502

by jsoderba (#30154118) Attached to: Fedora 12 Lets Users Install Signed Packages, Sans Root Privileges

Secondly, the annoyance is in the fact that, in UAC, you ask to do something first, and then Windows asks you for authorization. sudo is less annoying because you authorize first (or at the same time, depending on how you look at it) and then ask to do something.

That's not the way it works. If you know a program will need elevation, set the "Always run as Administrator" option on the executable or use runas. If you don't know that the program will require authentication ahead of time the program can request elevation when needed, just like i.e. the Ubuntu update manager and other admin tools only request elevation when they need write access to the system. In fact, I'd say many more of the Windows admin tools use fine-grained permissions than on Ubuntu and Fedora.

Comment: Re:Take a look at the growth over the past 300 yea (Score 1) 581

by jsoderba (#30144044) Attached to: CERN Physicist Warns About Uranium Shortage

But the population charts say that the population will peak at 9-10 billion and decline slowly thereafter. And the socioeconomic forces that drive declining fertility are the same increased access education and widening labor markets that drive global economic growth.

Your post is nonsense.

Comment: Re:AMD's Idea of "Launch" (Score 1) 201

by jsoderba (#30143762) Attached to: AMD Radeon HD 5970 Dual-GPU Card Sweeps Benchmarks

It's not really AMD's fault. I'm sure they are as concerned about missing the hoilday sales rush as you are. TSMC promised them lots of 40nm chips and failed to deliver. There is no one else who can do 40nm chips, so AMD is screwed until chip makers roll out 32nm production lines and AMD can finish designing a 32nm chip.

Comment: Re:Well.. (Score 1) 286

by jsoderba (#29701527) Attached to: Is Valve's Steam Anti-Competitive?

I don't see any general price win on Steam. It is quite common for me to see DVD editions available for a third or half the cost of a Steam game. The most recent example is Grand Theft Auto IV, which is €50 on Steam but €30 including shipping at several local (Finnish) web shops. I remember Mass Effect being €40 on Steam/€20 in stores for a long time as well. Pretty much any big title seems to drop much faster in local shops.

On the other hand, the Weekend Deals are great and I check them every week. (I picked up the Hitman Collection a few hours ago, in fact.) But Gamer's Gate, Impulse and D2D also have frequent sales.

Comment: Re:VLC (Score 5, Insightful) 464

by jsoderba (#28122253) Attached to: Is Playing a DVD Harder Than Rocket Science?

That's a good point. Most developed countries didn't get seriously concerned with IP law until they started exporting IP themselves. Japanese companies made a lot of knock-offs in the 1950s and 60s; Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan followed in the 70s and 80s. Is it surprising then that China, India, Vietnam etc. do the same? The difference is perhaps that it is easier to spot in todays better informed market.

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