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Comment Re:Not just Comcast (Score 1) 401

I saw this with Tivo recently too. They asked me if I knew anyone who wanted to take over my account because I apparently had a grandfathered $13/mo account rather than the current $15/mo rate. As if that made the device worth its weight in gold and it was my obligation to find a new home for it.

In the end, I just told the sales-lady that at the end of the call she will cancel my account. How long the call took was entirely up to her. Seemed to work, though I don't enjoy being rude like that.

Comment Requiring Permission is a Sad Joke (Score 1) 317

Don't believe the lie that AT&T will always unlock off contract phones when asked. I own an iPhone 3G. This was a hand-me-down from a relative. The phone contract that was connected to the purchase was satisfied nearly two years ago. I am also a AT&T (prepaid) customer. According their own rules, they should unlock my phone, but they denied my request. My guess is that they don't recognize me as the owner.

I shouldn't need AT&T's cooperation to unlock my phone, but as it stands now, unlocking it without their permission is a DMCA violation.

Comment Re:Don't care (Score 1) 193

Jailbreaking is still legal regardless of how the phone was purchased/subsidized. The only thing that changed on January 26th was that unlocking without carrier approval is no longer a valid exception to the DMCA, and is now illegal.

Carriers will generally unlock a phone if you are traveling, even if you are within the contract, which makes their own argument about recovering their subsidy hollow. Network locks are unnecessary, anti-competitive, and diminish the resale value of perfectly good used phones.

Either way, I'm pleased that this petition is on course to qualify for a response.

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