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Comment: Re:Not RAID-0 (Score 1) 80

by jshazen (#49174793) Attached to: Linux and Multiple Internet Uplinks: a New Tool

Actually, the analogy is quite apt.

As TFS talked about configuring it (load sharing with no monitoring), they would be getting twice the bandwidth, with the same drawbacks as RAID0: If either connection goes down, you have a (mostly) unusable system (because with no monitoring , half your packets are still going out the broken link).

Comment: Re:..and we need this technology why exactly? (Score 2) 176

by jshazen (#46635195) Attached to: The Connected Home's Battle of the Bulbs

There are studies showing declining sleep quality with blue light after sunset. I want my lights to cycle into the ambers and reds after dark, but to be bright and white in the middle of the day (the same way my computer does with f.lux). For now, I get around by wearing dorky orange safety glasses after 9pm, but would prefer my home not expose me to the blue parts of the spectrum. I'm still not sure HUE is the solution, because the wall switches are useless. But it at least gives me the possibility of having the spectrum shift with time via IFTT.

Comment: Re:so besides all that (Score 1) 161

by jshazen (#44690619) Attached to: Tesla Model S REST API Authentication Flaws

Electric motors operate at max torque at all RPMs.

RPMs - is that Revolutions Per Minutes?

Actually, yes. (Revolutions Per Minute)s.

If you're talking about a single angular velocity, use RPM. (The tach reads 'RPM', not 'RPMs'.)

But the GP used the phrase "at *all* RPMs", so he was clearly talking about multiple angular velocities.

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