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Comment: OS/2 box (Score 1) 622

by jroesner (#28127801) Attached to: 45-Year-Old Modem Used To Surf the Web

I still have my 1995 era OS/2 box I built. Some of the components go back to 93 or so. I paid an obscene amount in 1996 for the 2.1GB Micropolis SCSI drive in there. Hands down the best component in the thing is the STB 4Com 4 port serial card. With it's myriad of jumpers to set I was amazed it worked right the first time...


+ - Internet Radio : Day of Silence

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Today many Internet Radio web sites, represented by SaveNetRadio Coalition, are going silent to bring attention to drastically raised royalty rates going into effect, retroactively, July 15th. From the Music Genome Project radio, Pandora:

Ignoring all rationality and responding only to the lobbying of the RIAA, an arbitration committee in Washington DC has drastically increased the licensing fees Internet radio sites must pay to stream songs. Pandora's fees will triple, and are retroactive for eighteen months! Left unchanged by Congress, every day will be like today as internet radio sites start shutting down and the music dies.

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