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Comment: Local Competition in Broadband - Never happen (Score 1) 135

by jraff2 (#48397437) Attached to: Can the US Actually Cultivate Local Competition in Broadband?
Can the US Actually Cultivate Local Competition in Broadband? One can not really ask that question with the "pay for hire" congress we currently have in office. The politicians will promis ANYTHING to get in office and then it's the one with the most money who gets the vote. "One man one vote" not really - The most money gets the vote! One must get politicians who listen to their constituents and votes what they want. That won't happen while the major billion dollar corp. can BUY the vote they want! How do we get that to happen, forbid any politician accepting money for himself, his corp. , re-election committee or any other related entity. That won't happen while the current politicians are in office. A Contential Congress made of of all the also-rans who wanted to get into office and make changes. Otherwise "continue dreaming"?!?!?

Comment: Timing would be a major issue (Score 1) 44

by jraff2 (#48272161) Attached to: Remote Vision Through a Virtual Reality Headset (Video)
When attempting to work with Waldos the timing of one's actions gets complicated. Any time over a second delay gets very problematic. The engineers moving the Mars scouts have to think ahead and give commands to the scouts and let them wander toward a destination, but the path, speed, etc. must be handeled locally. With minutes and hours delay it's imposible to use waldos. One would have to issue a series of instructions and delimitations to ensure that what one needs to accomplish actually gets done, then let the local machine/computer decypher the instructions and figure out how to perform them. If one attempted to use Waldos at the bottom of the sea, or outer space, the time delay would very problematic. This all presumes that electrons travel at a limited speed. If one develops FTL communications then Waldos at a distance would be viable.

Comment: Too easy to stomp into quiet (Score 1) 98

by jraff2 (#47976909) Attached to: Service Promises To Leak Your Documents If the Government Murders You
What is to prevent the Gov. from infiltrating "Dead Man Zero" and NSLing them into silence! The only way to ensure that the information gets out would be to have multiple storage site scattered around the various countries where the NSL, CIA, FBI and other TLAs don't have standing.

Comment: E-Mail size limits not an issue (Score 1) 334

by jraff2 (#47937051) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Remote Support For Disconnected, Computer-Illiterate Relatives
Use Whale Mail or something similar. Or one can sign up with ANY hosting provider, They all proide GigaBytes of storage. Just send a link to the file and let them download it at their leisure, and it won't clog up their E-Mail box with huge files.

Comment: artesian well water (Score 1) 191

by jraff2 (#47863289) Attached to: US Rust Belt Manufacturing Rebounds Via Fracking Boom
All municipalities supplied with artesian well water need to insist that any and all oil and gas fracking does not contaminate the water supply, now and WELL into the future. The Oil and Gas Fracking can take place today, the supply goes dry and the company packs up, sells off and disapears, meanwhile the water becomes contaminated with the oil, gas and fracking chemicals and becomes totally useless for town water supply. I would recommend ALL artesian well water be checked now and into the future for fracking contaminants. Also find out where the water comes from, it could be many miles away from the actual well. Make sure any and all fracking is well insured against water contamination again now and well into the future.

Comment: Exact detail route NOT! (Score 1) 289

by jraff2 (#47795423) Attached to: Hidden Obstacles For Google's Self-Driving Cars
When a human drives in a new area she must observer traffic signs, lights, markings, etc. She must become aware of all routes, access and egress with out help from some GPS system. Yeah it may be used to find a location, but beond that she must do the driving with out help of specialized directions. The self driving car (SDC) MUST do the same thing, Yeah one can provide the SDC with a set of regular traffic signs, lights, markings, etc, but it must be alble to handle accidents, construction, new and closing of old entrances, exits, etc. So knowing where every corner and driveway exists is over kill, it must think for it self and figure out the way with out human intervention.

Comment: Never Brick them! Only disable the smart features. (Score 1) 299

The cell phone has become one's safety line to all assistance. If they were bricked, no one could use them for any purpose. The safety line MUST exist, congress mandated it. The phone should be able to call for help or assistance in some reasonable way, like 911 or call home, etc.

Comment: Line Conditioning (Score 1) 78

Power conditioners may handle more issues, but surge protectors will probably be enough protection to limit the actual damage from geomagnetic storm since brown outs usually do not cause major damage. Yeah I know low voltage over a while can cause considerable damage to some equipment. Maybe a low voltage cut off would help with brown outs. So one either needs surge protectors with expensive coils and caps in addition to the a $0.29 MOV. Now are they needed for the whole house or just the expensive and delicate computer and TVs?

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